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With Epos Now Payments, you can accept payments of all kinds and increase payment efficiency at the point of sale.

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Epos Now Payments | Why Epos Now Payments?

Why Epos Now Payments?

Epos Now is breaking barriers in the POS space to help retailers, restaurateurs, and other small businesses thrive. That’s why we’ve released the latest version of our stellar Epos Now card machines built with flexibility in mind that puts the merchant and the customer in control.

Epos Now Payments   Countertop P400

Countertop P400

The Countertop P400 is the first class in card payment machines. With a beautifully angled touchscreen display and tactile user interface, you can take countertop payments at the point of sale. Encourage greater engagement and better returns with this top-of-the-line device.

  • 6.6” L x 3.1” W x 1.7” H
  • 310g / 0.68 lbs
  • Ethernet / Wifi (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • 3.5” HVGA capacitive colour touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass technology
  • Mono audio speaker
  • PCI 5 compliant
Epos Now Payments   Portable V400m

Portable V400m

Do you need to take payments on the move? Epos Now’s Portable V400m allows you to travel around your premises and take payments from your customers without the need for a direct ethernet connection - perfect for restaurants, cafés, bars, and pubs. Increase your flexibility and range with this amazing device. 

  • 6.3”L x 2.9” W x 2.3” H
  • ~310g / 0.68 lbs
  • BT base
  • 4G / Wifi (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • 3.5” colour capacitive touchscreen
  • Mono audio speaker
  • 30 lps, 40 mm paper roll
  • PCI 5 compliant

Payment Options

Keep up with consumer demand by accepting the newest payment methods on the market. Our card machines are guaranteed to work with the following options.


Add a layer of security to your business by reducing fraud through chip-and-pin transactions

Tap and contactless

Quick and convenient payment experience. Simply tap the monitor with a card or mobile device.

eWallet integration

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay accepted on all machines. AliPay and WeChat Pay available on request at separate rates.
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Ultimate Payment Flexibility

We’ve integrated with every major payment provider so you can choose the right one for your business.

Integrate with your existing or preferred partner today.

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More payment efficiency in every industry


Bring payments to the table with Epon Now’s portable terminal.

Convenience stores

Make payments easier and more efficient to decrease time at the point of sale.

Electronics stores

Prevent fraud with increased security at the till.

Pub & bars

Stay nimble with a portable terminal so you can take payments anywhere the customer is.


Increase payment efficiency and decrease time at the till.

Clothing stores

Accept all major payment providers out there to increase your sales.

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EMV and Contactless Enabled

Our card machines are completely EMV and contactless-enabled.

  • New EMV slot for smoother card insertion
  • MasterCard / VISA / Amex / Diner / Discovery / UPI / JCB
  • Full integration with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
  • AliPay and WeChat pay available on request at separate rates
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Speak the Customer’s Language

Make the payments process easier with automatic language detection. On Epos Now terminals, customers can pay in their own language once their cards or contactless devices are presented. 


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Sales in Seconds

New and improved Epos Now software allows tractions to be completed much faster than earlier models. Increase the efficiency of the point of sale with Epos Now card machines.


How to accept credit card payments

How does payment processing work?

What is payment processing?


I have a countertop terminal. Do I need a portable card machine?

Portable card machines are great for businesses like restaurants, bars, and pubs that need a portable payment terminal so they can take payments to the customer. Portable payments are vital for table-side payments, reducing the need for line-ups at a single till.

How do I program my card machine?

Your card machine can be programmed through your Epo Now touchscreen terminal. Create your own payment journey on your card machine, including options for tips, gratuities and donations.

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