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What is Omnichannel In Retail?

Omnichannel commerce is when merchants provide multiple platform options for customers, each focused on delivering a consistent brand and shopping experience.

Published on 31.8.2022

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How to Create a Successful Loyalty Programme for Your Business

Loyalty programmes are a simple way to build your customers' brand loyalty. This blog tells you how to build a loyalty programme for yourself. 

Published on 31.8.2022

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Why You Need to Integrate Your Payments

Technological advancement happens to quickly in business, so quickly payment integrations seem to have only begun yesterday. For those still wondering, here's why integrating is so important.

Published on 30.8.2022

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How To Prepare Your Retail Business for Autumn

The autumn is a great time to refresh your retail store. This blog has some tips on how you can best prepare for the season. 

Published on 30.8.2022


How a KDS Can Improve Your Kitchen Efficiency

Efficiency in business can have a huge effect on profits, cutting out unnecessary expenses. Kitchen display screens speed up staff and cut out errors. How do they do it?

Published on 30.8.2022


How Integrating Your Wix Store with Epos Now Can Help Increase Your Sales

While many businesses struggle to understand and master the eCommerce world, companies like Wix and Epos Now are making online retail easier for everyone with their new integration.

Published on 30.8.2022

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Epos Now Announces  £0 Upfront Offer!

An exciting new offer is making state-of-the-art POS systems more affordable than ever!

Published on 25.8.2022

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The Impact of Mobile Ordering Platforms on Dining Establishments

As the world goes increasingly digital, it's no surprise that even our food orders are moving online. Find out how mobile ordering platforms are impacting restaurants in both positive and negative ways.

Published on 24.8.2022

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How Using Mobile Payments Increases Your Business Efficiency

Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular with customers worldwide. Find out how they can help your business become more efficient. 

Published on 24.8.2022

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