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The Benefits of Choosing Epos Now for Retail Businesses

We're confident that the Epos Now POS system is one of the best on the market. Read this to see how we can bring our benefits to retail businesses. 

Published on 16.3.2022

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The Benefits of Choosing Epos Now for Hospitality Businesses

Here at Epos Now, we know we provide the best POS systems in the business. Read this and see the benefits of our hospitality POS. 

Published on 16.3.2022

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Run Your Business Your Way With The Epos Now App Store

POS apps give merchants the chance to create a system that's completely bespoke to their needs. Epos Now's POS App Store offers over 110 integrations with industry-leading POS applications and software programmes. 

Published on 16.3.2022


How Useful Are Retail Loyalty Programs?

Customer retention is the holy grail of retail. Stores everywhere hope to understand how to ensure their valued customers keep coming back. But how useful are loyalty programs in this?

Published on 15.3.2022

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How to Start a Clothing Boutique

Ever dreamed of opening your own clothing boutique? This blog lays out everything you need to know. 

Published on 15.3.2022

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How to Reduce Costs in a Restaurant

As a restauranteur, your sauces shouldn’t be the only reductions on the menu. We serve up a list of cost reduction strategies for restaurants, to help keep you up and running. 

Published on 14.3.2022

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What is an Automated Inventory System?

Still counting stock by hand? Maybe you've been missing out. Automated inventory systems can do much more than save businesses time: they can save sales and guide your progress.

Published on 11.3.2022

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Benefits of a Restaurant Seating Strategy

Keep your diners happy with all the space they need, while ensuring you have a full restaurant with all the tables you can squeeze in with some top seating strategies

Published on 11.3.2022

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Epos Now Vs SumUp

Epos Now and SumUp are two market leaders in the POS industry. In this blog, we see how these two stack up against each other.

Published on 11.3.2022

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