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How a POS System and Inventory Management Work Together

Tired of complex inventory management? Find out how it works with your POS system.

Published on 22.5.2020

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How to Prepare Your Hospitality Business for Reopening

Here's our guide on how to prepare your hospitality business for reopening after lockdown.

Published on 21.5.2020

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Cash Register Vs POS System: What’s the Difference?

Want to know the difference between a Cash Register & a POS System? Find out here...

Published on 21.5.2020

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Why Now is the Time to Integrate With MailChimp

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Upgrade Your Email Marketing

Published on 20.5.2020

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Offer Contactless Ordering & Payment with Hopt

Table, Takeaway, Click & Collect for contactless ordering & payment

Published on 19.5.2020

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Five Vital Steps to Prepare Your Retail Business for Reopening

With the UK looking to reopen shops for customers, here are 5 things to think about before reopening in 2021.

Published on 18.5.2020

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How to Keep Staff & Customers Safe When Your Shop Reopens

The Government recently announced a reopening plan for all retail businesses. Here are our tips on how to keep staff and customers safe during the COVID-19 recovery.

Published on 15.5.2020

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Why it’s Never Been More Important to Accept Card Payments

Card payments are growing but many businesses are still cash only. Here's why you should accept card payments.

Published on 15.5.2020

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Epos Now Partners With Hopt

Published on 6.5.2020

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