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Eliminate Shrinkage in your Store

One of the biggest problems facing the retail industry is inventory loss. Here's how to fix it.

Published on 10.7.2020

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What the Covid-19 Shutdown Taught Us About Restaurant Ordering Systems

As shutdowns continue, we take a look at the impact it has had on restaurant ordering systems.

Published on 8.7.2020

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Eat Out to Help Out: Government Announces VAT cut for Hospitality Businesses

In a “mini-budget” delivered today, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced several measures aimed at supporting the UK hospitality industry and keeping people in work.

Published on 8.7.2020

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How to Create a Restaurant Floor plan

Our guide on how to create a restaurant floor plan.

Published on 7.7.2020

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Cultural Institutions to be Given “Unprecedented” Financial Support

British cultural institutions, including theatres, cinemas, and performing arts venues, have been given a boost

Published on 6.7.2020

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How to Collect Customer Data for Test & Trace

The Government has called on pubs, cafes and restaurants in England to collect and store guests’ data for 21 days to support the NHS’s Test & Trace scheme.

Published on 2.7.2020

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8 Ways to Boost Sales with Visual Merchandising

Learn how to creatively draw in crowds and drive sales.

Published on 1.7.2020

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Vat Rate Change Instructions

We've created a new VAT Rate Change Tool to help customers manage the rate change in their Epos Now system.

Published on 1.7.2020

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Get your POS System Ready for Reopening

Our handy guide on how to get your POS System ready for reopening.

Published on 30.6.2020

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