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Cocktail Bartender

Bar Staff Duties and Responsibilities: Key Tasks for Your Team

From planning what bartender duties will look like in your bar to figuring out which skills can be learnt with on-the-job training, we’ve got you covered in this article.

Published on 24.3.2023

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Bar Employees: Tips for Hiring, Training & Managing Staff Members

Learn how to build a winning team of bar employees with our expert tips on hiring, training, and management. Improve your bar's success now!

Published on 17.3.2023

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Bar Advertising: Attract More Customers and Increase Your Revenue

Discover creative bar advertising strategies to enhance your business and boost revenue. Learn how to attract more customers and increase sales.

Published on 9.3.2023

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Bar Trends: The Latest in Cocktail Culture

Discover how keeping up with industry trends, can give a bar business an advantage over its competitors and make customers more likely to choose them.

Published on 27.1.2023


Bar Management: Everything You Should Know

Many people aspire for a long time to get into bar management. There's great fun and pride to take in the work, but many difficulties. Here are Epos Now's tips to become one of the best.

Published on 5.12.2022

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5 Ways to Avoid the Hospitality Staffing Shortages

There's a staffing shortage in the hospitality industry. This blog contains helpful tips to help retain your staff and attract new team members. 

Published on 27.6.2022

White grapes

4 Amazing English Wines

Despite much of England and Wales having a less than ideal wine-growing climate, you may be surprised to hear of numerous vineyards with excellent reputations building a reputation for amazing wine

Published on 22.6.2022

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A Bar Equipment Checklist: What You Need to Stock Your Bar

While kitting out your new bar can be fun, bar-shopping can be a daunting task for many business owners. Our checklist covers everything you'll need, from coolers and kegs to bitters and bottles.

Published on 13.6.2022

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What Is Dining Al Fresco?

While this concept lets diners make the most of good weather, eating alfresco provides businesses with prime profit-pushing potential. But what makes al fresco dining so different?

Published on 23.5.2022

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