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The portable Pro+ card machine

Our Pro+ card machine can take your business to the next level:

  • Sell anywhere, take payments any way
  • Run your business more efficiently
  • Transform your customer experience
  • Speed up your service
£54 Inc. VAT

Key features

Reactive touch screen

An easy-to-use 3.5 inch touch screen for efficient transactions

Quick connectivity

The Pro+ works with 3G, 4G, and WiFi so you’re always connected

Perfect power

Enjoy uninterrupted service with 650 transactions on a single charge

Pro+ card machines benefits

Using our modern payment Pro+ card machines, you'll quickly speed up your service and reduce errors when charging your customers.

As an added benefit, the Pro+ card machine syncs seamlessly to our other Epos Now point of sale (POS) devices and accessories.

Designed to streamline services, reduce costs, and facilitate the management of your business, the Pro+ is the ideal tool for all business owners.

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See invaluable business insights

It's vitally important that you know more of what's going on in your business. Your Pro+ will:

  • Provide customized business reports that you can review on your device.
  • Get real-time insights into the overall health of your business, so you can focus on bussiness growth. 
  • Automate tasks so that you can spend more of your valuable time with your customers, and not on admin.

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The best portable card machine with POS software

The Epos Now Pro+ is a complete all-in-one payment and POS solution. 

  • Send orders straight to the kitchen - Save time and increase order accuracy by automatically registering them on your POS.
  • Manage tables - Boost table turnover by managing floor plans and tracking time-at-table. 
  • Perfect product management - instantly adapt by managing and amending your products on the fly. 

Customise your experience further with our wide range of in-house and third-party app integrations, available on the Epos Now App Store

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Be flexible with payments

Make transactions a breeze with the Pro+. This innovative system allows you to take contactless, chip and pin, and remote payments all at one fixed rate.

  • Your customers will benefit from our partnerships with all major credit and debit card providers and pay the way they want. 
  • You will eliminate human error from your sales. No more typing in prices. Everything will be on your Pro+ portable POS.
  • With less hassle over payments, you'll be able to serve your customers quickly and efficiently with the top contactless technology.

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