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Give your customers more ways to pay by sending secure, remote payment links with Epos Now Pay by Link. 

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Complete convenience

Stay versatile and ask your customers for remote payments by sending links sent via SMS or email. 

Safe and secure

Pay by Link lets you provide a trust-led service, with all customer details shared to a secure interface. 

Free flexibility

There’s no additional surcharging with Pay by Link, giving your customers flexibility at no extra cost to you. 

A new link in your payment chain

Open up a new world of transactions with secure payment links! Pay by Link offers a simple and convenient way for customers to pay by entering their payment information into a secure platform after receiving a link. 

Adding more ways to pay means smoother sales and happier customers. Pay by Link has multiple ways to send customers their payment link, including email and SMS messages. Use it alongside traditional payment terminals or as a standalone service. 

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Airtight trader protection

All businesses should be able to trade confidently and without the risk of fraud or missed sales. 

With traditional sales methods, unscrupulous actors can initiate chargebacks. Pay by Link eliminates this possibility, meaning you can dispute and minimise chargeback claims and fraudulent activities- better protecting you and your customers.

Using your secure payment links, you can easily monitor closed and open transactions from the Epos Now Back Office, too. Meaning you get complete visibility.

Paymentsense boost profits

Simple payment structure with no hidden fees

Unlike some other similar services, there is no added surcharge for processing Pay by Link transactions. 

Some payment processing platforms charge extra processing fees for online transactions, such as those completed through an e-commerce website.

However, at Epos Now, there is no extra fee for consumers or merchants whether the sale uses chip and pin, contactless, or pays using Pay by Link. 

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Perfectly paired with Payments

Pay by Link seamlessly integrates with Epos Now Payments, our in-house payment processing service. 

With Payments, you can turn your point of sale (POS) system into a fully integrated payment solution

Payment customers can enjoy flat rates on all card transactions and take control of the payment process.**

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Embrace payment flexibility with Pay by Link

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