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Stay connected and get more from your customers. Turn shoppers into creatures of habit by digitizing your business’ rewards program.

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How Loyalzoo works

Reward points

Loyalzoo’s smart integration with Epos Now gives customers automatic loyalty points as soon as their order is completed on the till.

Digital loyalty cards

No more paper or plastic cards. Your branded loyalty card can be viewed directly from your customer's smartphone.

Targeted messaging

Drive more repeat business and engage your customers with customized marketing messages based on buying behaviors.

Boost loyalty directly from your POS

With the Loyalzoo software within your POS system, customer registration is easy and frictionless. Loyalty points and rewards will be sent via SMS, email or push notification.

Engage customers post-purchase with blast marketing messages or send personalized promotions to your new, VIP or slipping away segments.

On average, a business using Loyalzoo to run their loyalty program sees a 13% increase in revenue.

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Engage your customers

Send limited-time promotions directly to your shoppers' phones, boosting customer retention and increasing sales. The Loyalzoo delivery system intelligently chooses between email, SMS or push notifications to maximize conversions.

How it works

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Track customer behavior

Monitor shopping habits to categorize your shoppers. Identify VIPs, new and "slipping away" customers, and send them custom offers to get them back into your store.

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Handsfree marketing

Set your marketing campaigns on autopilot with Loyalzoo. After registering customers to your loyalty program, the software will automatically send targeted messages throughout the buyer's journey to drive increased sales.

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