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Adding a point of sale printer to your till can simplify transaction processing and improve security. Whether it's POS thermal receipt printers or EPOS barcode printers, you can find something to suit any business with Epos Now.

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The best POS printing solutions for US businesses

If you’re searching for the best range of POS printers on the market for your business, you don’t need to look any further. You can take advantage of the wide range of devices Epos Now have to offer, regardless of your business’ size. 

Whether it’s lower-cost machines such as the EPOS thermal printer, ideal for small businesses, or more advanced models like the 80mm pos printer, that's better suited to bustling restaurants, Epos Now can provide printers for every business.

Epos Now receipt printers that help your business make its mark

Pro USB Thermal Receipt Printer

  • Print high-resolution receipts quickly for busy businesses. 
  • Save time replacing ribbons or ink with thermal printing technology.

Pro Ethernet 80 mm Order printer

  • Connect orders directly to your bar and kitchen to minimise human error.
  • Highest resolution receipt printing for peace of mind.

Bixolon DX220 Barcode Printer

  • Experience complete flexibility with fully customisable barcodes.
  • Cut your running costs with thermal printing technology.
Pro USB Thermal Receipt Printer

The hospitality and retail industries' most popular POS printers

Have you been searching for the best POS receipt printer for your business?

Whether you work in the hospitality or retail industry, in a barber shop or bicycle store, Epos Now has the POS hardware to meet your needs.

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FAQ about POS receipt printers

What POS printers do Epos Now have available?

Epos Now offers a range of POS printers for your business, each with a different price point.  We currently offer: 

  • Pro USB Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Pro Ethernet 80mm Order 
  • Bixolon DX220 Barcode Printer. 
What are the main differences between printers?

Pro USB Thermal Receipt Printer: Ideal for busy retail and hospitality environments like pubs and hotels, this versatile printer pairs perfectly with your POS system and cash register, to deliver high-resolution receipts every time. This printer doesn't waste any time getting to work either as it's state-of-the-art thermal technology, which means it doesn't require replacement ribbons or ink.

Bixolon DX220 Barcode Printer: Thanks to award-winning thermal technology, this printer's low running costs make it suited to smaller, more niche businesses with limited stock. You also have full flexibility with this model as you can customise your barcodes and connect it to your retail POS system for easy shelf-edge labelling.

Pro Ethernet 80 mm Order Printer: Just right for restaurants and bars, this printer connects orders directly to your bar and kitchen and restaurant POS system to minimize human error, speed up ommunications, and keep your business running smoothly. You also have the option of printing receipts directly from the Epos Now iOS and Android apps.

What type of printer is used for receipts?

For receipts, most businesses use thermal printers. They print fast, in high-quality black and white, and don’t need ink or ribbons—just thermal paper. Epos Now has great options like the Pro USB Thermal Receipt Printer and the Pro Ethernet 80mm Order Printer. Whether you're running a busy restaurant or a small shop, there's a perfect fit for you.

How long do receipt printers last?

POS Receipt printers can last many years if you take good care of them, as long as you keep the products clean and use good-quality thermal paper. An Epos Now receipt machine, like the Pro USB Thermal Receipt Printer, is built to be durable and reliable. This makes them a great long-term choice.

What is the easiest printer to use?

The Pro USB Thermal Receipt Printer is super easy to use. Just plug it in, and you’re ready to go. No need for ink or ribbon replacements, thanks to its thermal technology. It’s perfect for busy environments where you need quick, hassle-free printing.