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Deputy is the ultimate workplace management solution that makes it easy to schedule employees, manage time and attendance, track performance, and improve workplace communication.

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Why Deputy?

Easy scheduling

Manage your team and visualise coverage with Deputy's drag-and-drop schedule builder.

See real-time labor costs

Deputy shows hows your wage costs compare to revenue so you can maintain a healthy labor cost percentage.

Precise timesheets

All staff hours are automatically logged to your till, accounting for breaks, lunch, and other interruptions. 

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Your must-have HR tool

Personnel management is a cumbersome task for any business owner. Streamline operations with Deputy, so you can schedule employees, run payroll and track performance more efficiently, 

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Reduce no-shows

Deputy can send your schedule via SMS, email or the official Deputy app, ensuring employees never forget about their shifts. If a team member calls out of work, you can use easily find an available replacement and notify them of the swap.

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Track time and attendance

Easily capture when and where your people work for greater HR compliance, payroll accuracy and insight into workforce productivity. Track the hours your employees work with the Deputy app, Deputy Kiosk for iPad, desktop computer and SMS from mobile devices. Use the in-built geo-location or face-detection technology to see where your people have started and stopped their shifts.

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Set goals and measure performance

Deputy helps you delegate more effectively. Easily assign tasks to employees and get notified once they’re completed. Ensure employee performance doesn’t go unnoticed, so you can recognise and reward top employees.

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