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Sage Business Cloud

Epos Now connects with Sage Business Cloud Accounting via the cloud to ensure sales, products, customers and suppliers all sync in real-time.

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Why Sage?

Collaborate and Share

Make life easier for your accountant and reduce the time you spend on tax preparation.

Simple, quick and easy

Sage Business Cloud's user interface is easier to understand than other complex accounting tools.

Safe, Secure and Trusted

With bank-level security and no need for backups, peace of mind comes standard.

Take control of your business

Since Sage Business Cloud is fully online, you can take care of invoicing on the road, banking at the office and cashflow from home. Access your back office and accounts on PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android.

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Automatic synchronisation

Get total oversight of your business since Epos Now Sales, Products, Stock, Customers & Suppliers are automatically synchronized to Sage Business Cloud. You can track data down to the individual transaction or record an end-of-day summary. 

Sales Reports

Reduce human-error

The Epos Now & Sage Business Cloud integration automates countless admin tasks, lessening the chances of making a mistake that could complicate your accounting. With this simple process, you can also reduce the time spend needed to balance your accounts.

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Fully cloud-based

Both Sage One and Epos Now run on the cloud, so you can keep trading no matter where you are. You only need an internet-connected device to manage your accounts. Since all business data is stored on remote servers, your data is safe against fire, theft and other unexpected events.

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Make the most of your sales data

Sage Business Cloud gives you total control of your products and sales reports. From taxes to refunds, you can control everything down to the smallest detail. Moreover, Sage Business Cloud is perfect for intricate accounting tasks, such as splitting transactions by location and directing funds to individual ledgers.

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