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Why You Need to Integrate Your Payments

James Shaw
6 May 2019

There's a whole host of reasons thousands of businesses like yours are choosing to integrate their payments technology. Epos Now has partnered with Europe's leading payment provider, Paymentsense, to bring you and your customers a more flexible, scalable and secure payment experience.

What are integrated payments?

Integrated payments are a means of connecting your EPOS system to your card terminal. This seamless connection means the technology can communicate, eliminating the need for your staff to manually key in transaction amounts. This is hugely beneficial for businesses and their customers.

How does it work?

The Paymentsense integration is powered by Connect technology which establishes a secure connection between your Epos Now system and your Paymentsense card machine. When the transaction is input into your EPOS, the total amounts are automatically displayed on your card terminal ready for payment.

Why should I integrate?

  • Customer experience: As we know, the customer is always at the heart of good business. An integrated payments process creates a seamless customer experience, letting them pay the way they want, when they want without having to wait.
  • Speed of service: With no need to manually input transaction totals, businesses can improve the speed of service, allowing you to cut queues and turn tables over up to 4x faster than businesses without integrated payments.
  • Eliminate human error: Miskeyed transactions are a big cost to businesses, both in revenue and in damaged reputation. Whether it’s an accidental mistype, or a purposeful attempt at theft, your employee's actions leave you vulnerable. Integrating your payments affords you additional protection.
  • Save hours in admin: Report reconciliation is a tedious task the bane of owners, managers and supervisors everywhere. Integrated payments mean there's no need to compare EPOS or terminal reports, allowing your staff to close down quicker reducing wage costs.

Why Paymentsense?

Paymentsense is Europe’s largest payment provider serving over 60,000 independent businesses in the UK and Ireland alone. Their award-winning payments tech integrates seamlessly with Epos Now’s innovative POS solutions and comes at no additional costs to you or your customers.

  • Superfast setup: Unlike other providers, Paymentsense can get you set up and ready to go in just 3 days! Automatic install and updates ensure you always have the latest software with no downtime
  • One to many and many to one: Paymentsense is suitable for whatever your setup. Connect your EPOS terminal to multiple card machines or one card machine to multiple terminals.
  • 24/7 Support: Should you have any questions or need any assistance Paymentsense are always ready to help. Their UK based support consultants are available 24/7.

Next steps

If you think it’s time to unlock your business potential by integrating your payments with Epos Now and Paymentsense, please get in touch with our payment integration specialists.

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