POS hardware for any business

With Epos Now, you can find the ideal point of sale (POS) hardware for you, whether it's POS terminals, POS system hardware, or mobile POS hardware. 

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The point of sale hardware you can rely on

Do you need affordable POS equipment? Look no further for your all-new POS hardware suite. Choose from a variety of devices specifically built and designed for retail and hospitality businesses, including:

  • A complete POS system with a built-in receipt printer

  • A range of advanced card machines

  • Accessories to fill every niche

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Optimize your POS with our range of hardware


Take your marketing to new heights by printing high-quality, branded receipts.

from $250

Barcode scanners

Speed up sales transactions and eliminate human error from your business.

from $73


Upgrade your POS system for maximum performance with our range of accessories.

from $58

Join thousands of companies taking advantage of cloud-based POS systems

Whether you're a small business or a multi-national corporation, Epos Now can set you up with industry-leading hardware. We've helped over 64,000 businesses in dozens of sectors access the power of cloud-based technology with our hardware options.

Get in touch, to discuss your needs with a member of our team and find out how our POS tools can help your business.

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FAQ about our POS hardware

Can I use my existing POS hardware with Epos Now?

Yes! Your POS system can work on many different devices, not just those you purchase through Epos Now. This includes laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. You can download the Epos Now app through an app store and run the software that way. However, Epos Now cannot guarantee all accessories will work as intended, but we provide all the assistance we can, and our support team can supply you with the correct drivers to help you during setup for printers, if you need them.

How can I purchase my hardware?

Getting a POS machine doesn't have to be a difficult process. Whether you're after hospitality or retail hardware, or you require something more specific to your industry, or you even want compatible accessories to go with existing hardware, our Epos Now sales team will make the process as straightforward as possible.

The easiest way to purchase hardware is to call our team and have a discussion about what you need. Alternatively, you can browse our store for items such as receipt printers or even entire systems.

Can I get help to install my hardware?

Epos Now offer all the help you need when getting started with your new hardware, right up until you start selling, and beyond! When you sign up to Epos Now, you're assigned an agent to help you through setting up products, staff, and everything else you need. We also offer a support center for new and existing customers.

The Support Center also has detailed instructions on setting up specific hardware items such as a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, card reader, or anything else you may have purchased through Epos Now.

What software can run on my Epos Now hardware?

When you purchase a payment terminal and POS system with Epos Now, you also get access to our point of sale software to run your business.

The Epos Now software package adapts seamlessly for your hospitality or retail store. Whether you have a fixed or mobile device, you'll gain access to all the key features you need to process transactions, help your sales associate team take credit and debit cards, including contactless payments, and manage your business with greater ease.

However, you can expand your software to include many extra functions specific to your industry and needs, including loyalty programs, ecommerce, delivery and online ordering, marketing, accounting, and much more. Take a look in the Epos Now AppStore and find all you need to trade the way you want.

What is POS hardware in a solution?

Point of sale hardware works with point of sale software to create the perfect solution for running your business. Examples of POS hardware include fixed terminals, barcode scanners, card machines, mobile sales terminals such as the Epos Now Pro+, and more.

What is POS hardware vs POS software?

POS hardware is the physical products that you need to run your business, such as cash drawers, receipt printers, and terminals.

This is opposed to POS software, which includes the programs and features you run on them, that cause receipts to print, process sales, and stores your business data.