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Create Magical Customer Moments with Mr Yum and Epos Now

Aine Hendron
2 Jan 2022

Epos Now are delighted to announce our integration with Mr Yum, a mobile ordering platform that’s used by more than 10,000 people across the globe. Mr Yum works as a mobile menu that customers can order and pay from using their smartphones, designed specifically for hospitality and entertainment venues.

 We started Mr Yum in Australia back in 2018 to help venues make the numbers work by solving some of the industry’s most critical problems. We work with the best restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels, stadiums and entertainment brands, making us renowned for being the most adaptable solution to suit your exact requirements. 

- Kerry Osborn, Co-Founder

What does Mr Yum do?

My Yum is a fully integrated solution that syncs effortlessly with your point of sale system for a better customer experience and seamless operational efficiency.

Customers follow a simple four-step journey:

  • Scan a QR code using their smartphone 
  • Scan your menu and add items to their cart 
  • Check out securely with their choice of payment
  • Choose delivery, pick-up, or table service

Mr Yum offers global-first features, like batch ordering, buy-now-pay-later for guests, and open tabs. You can also create a bespoke loyalty programme using Mr Yum, along with their voucher platform, Boomerang.

Receive personalised reports on the information that matters to your business, and use it to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can also sync Mr Yum to performance and communication apps on your Epos Now system, like Mailchimp. 

Sell anytime with flexible ordering windows

Mr Yum’s flexible ordering windows can be set up to any width of time, on different days of the week, with a capped or uncapped limit on orders. You decide when you want the orders to get pushed to POS, for example, 15 mins prior to pick up. For delivery, we take into account drive time.

Choose from a range of ordering types:

- Dine-in table service

- Dine-in counter pickup with SMS reminders

- Pickup for takeaway

- Delivery (Doordash Drive)

Offer dynamic discounts with Boomerang

Using Boomerang, you can set up voucher codes to send to segments of your customers online. There are four main campaign types that you can implement based on your customers' behaviour or churn level. Send these offers to drive customers in at specific times using the CRM tools in your point of sale. 

Discount coupons 

Issue one-off, personalised discount codes for personal use, or issue a public fixed-code voucher across all of your communication channels. Discounts can be a percentage or custom monetary amount. For example, 10% off all customers on the next bank holiday, or, $5 off your next meal to customers who haven’t visited you in the last two months.

Gift vouchers

Publish digital gift cards as unique one-off codes aimed at particular customers. You can also launch public, reusable gift card certificates that act as digital wallets. 


Reward members and manage staff discounts with Mr Yum promotions. Upload a list of mobile numbers that will automatically have a promotion applied to their cart without needing to enter a voucher code. You can also create tiers, so different promotions can apply for different members. For example,  a 10% discount for loyalty members and 25% discount for staff members.

Mr Yum menu and checkout experience

Your online menu is made up of categories, sections and individual menu items that you can edit and change instantly. By scanning the QR code at their table, customers can access your intuitive online menu – no need to download an app. It’s a clean contactless dining experience that supports language translations, dietary filters and special offers. You can include photos, customisation tick boxes and tags, like ‘Popular’ or ‘Vegan’ to each dish, to easily upsell.

In the checkout section, customers will also be offered extras, drinks and sides that complement their dish based on what other people usually order, and on your own suggestions. 

Customers can check out securely using a range of payment options. Accept all major credit and debit cards, eWallets, third party payment apps, and even buy-now-pay-later.

3D Secure payments

Mr Yum is the first dine-in online ordering platform to offer buy-now-pay-later for guests. This is supported by Afterpay. With 3D Secure technology, businesses can provide this convenient, customer-focused feature with total confidence. 

3D Secure guarantees intense fraud mitigation measures. High-risk transactions are immediately identified, which minimises chargebacks and shifts liability to the bank. Mr Yum chargebacks are 30x lower than the industry average at only 0.02%. 

Intuitive social tabs

With Social Tabs, customers can invite their friends, family or colleagues to order from their tab, covering the cost of their orders. Mr Yum was also the first platform to offer group tabs for dine-in customers!

To start a tab, one guest simply scans the QR code on the table as usual. Then, other party members can scan a new QR code from their friend’s phone. Or, for added convenience, the tab link can be shared as a message. Groups can order and charge to the same tab during their visit and receive a consolidated, itemised receipt at the end.

World-first features: Advanced Batching

When multiple customers order from the same table, Mr Yum waits a set amount of time to collate orders, so they print together as one. You can set different batching times for different items with the world’s first proprietary batching feature. 

For example, you can choose to allow drinks orders to come through for immediate preparation and set a delay of five minutes for food orders on your KDS. 

This way, drinks arrive at the table faster, while food orders wait longer for other items on the same table, so everything comes together. 

Take your venue to the next level

Get started with Mr Yum in three simple steps:


Visit our Appstore and download the Mr Yum app

Mr Yum Demo

Our team will reach out to the venue’s contact within 1 business day to organise a full product demo & guide through the signup process.


Mr Yum’s team will build the customer’s menu, organise review/testing & training of the venue’s team (3-4 week average).

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