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What Are the Duties of an Average Bar Manager?

It’s a tough job, but with the right attitude and drive, it can be very rewarding. Here are the duties of an average bar manager.

Published on 2.9.2021


How to Build Business Credit, How it’s Calculated & Why it Matters

We delve into what exactly a business credit score is and why it matters. We also look at how business credit is calculated and give you practical advice on building business credit. Keep reading to learn how you can financially unlock your business’s ultimate potential.

Published on 1.9.2021

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What is a Bistro Restaurant?

There are many different kinds of restaurants out there, each with their own perks and unique selling points. In this blog, we’ll outline what a bistro is, what it does, and how they operate.

Published on 31.8.2021


What is Retail Experience? Amazing Experiences for Your Customers Every Time

What exactly is a retail experience? How is it created, and how can you make sure that your customers choose to stay loyal to you, in this era of endless choice? We answer these questions, and more, in this guide.

Published on 31.8.2021

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What Does a Hostess Do At a Restaurant?

The hostess of a restaurant greets new customers as they arrive. They are often in charge of seating new guests, taking reservations, managing table turnover, and preparing tables for use.

Published on 24.8.2021


What is Shrink (Shrinkage) in Retail?

Shrinkage is the difference between the optimal sales profit from the expected stock levels and the actual profit earned from stock that was sold.

Published on 24.8.2021

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What is Market Pricing?

In this blog, we explore what market pricing is, how it’s applied, how it’s arrived at, and what it can tell you about your business.

Published on 20.8.2021

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How to Calculate Gross Profit Margin

Keeping an eye on the gross profit margin is very important for most businesses to stay healthy and viable for the long term. In this blog, we discuss the gross profit margin and how to calculate it.

Published on 20.8.2021

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Best Business Level Strategies to Help You Deliver Value to Customers

A business level strategy refers to the combined set of actions a company takes to deliver more value to their customers, thereby giving them a competitive advantage.

Published on 19.8.2021

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