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10 Innovative Hotel Amenities Ideas To Consider

Ten unique and create amenities that guests want hotels to offer in 2021/22.

Published on 10.8.2021

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Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor: How to Know the Difference

Lots of people get confused between payment gateways and payment processors. They are different but vitally important steps in the payment process, both serving different functions during the transaction.

Published on 9.8.2021

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Long and Short Term Restaurant Goals

We look in detail at three common restaurant goals: increase profit and revenue, improve employee performance, and achieve effective business growth.

Published on 6.8.2021

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6 Factors That Will Affect Your Menu Pricing Strategy

This guide explores 6 different factors you need to take into consideration when creating your menu pricing strategy.

Published on 6.8.2021


5 Eye-Catching Brand Identity Examples

We explore the meaning of brand identity and share 5 great brand identity examples you can take inspiration from today.

Published on 5.8.2021


How To Protect Your Business

This guide covers five essential pillars for a secure business: legal protection, brick-and-mortar building protection, financial protection, staff safety, and data security. 

Published on 5.8.2021

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What is a Commercial Kitchen?

Your kitchen should take up around 40% of your overall restaurant floorplan. It’s the hub from where all customer orders are prepared and distributed, so it’s important to optimize this area to be as efficient as possible. 

We explore the functions, typical equipment, and layout of a top-class commercial kitchen.

Published on 4.8.2021

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The 7 Ps of Marketing

The 7 Ps give marketers a wider and richer source of references to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of marketing.

Published on 3.8.2021

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9 Great Product and Service Differentiation Strategies

Creating a distinctive brand is essential in securing the success of your business. Here are some product and service differentiation strategies you can use to draw more customers to your business.

Published on 3.8.2021

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