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10 ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant

Customer service also correlates with revenue. Here's how to deliver an experience that will drive repeat business.

Published on 29.7.2020

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Restrictions return for NSW Hospitality Venues

Hospitality venues are facing tougher restrictions after a recent spike in COVID-19 cases that were directly connected to hospitality venues in New South Wales.

Published on 27.7.2020

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How Retailers Can Improve Cash Flow

Published on 23.7.2020

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7 Core Skills every Retail Assistant Needs

Here are the 7 core skills all of your retail assistants need.

Published on 22.7.2020

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Threshold Reduced for Small Brewers Relief

The threshold for Small Brewers Relief has been reduced. What does this mean for brewers?

Published on 22.7.2020

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#NoMoreNoShows - How to take a Deposit on your Epos Now System

Diners failing to turn up to bookings is harmful to a restaurants’ revenue. But if you take a deposit at the point of booking, the number of no shows can be cut considerably.

Published on 20.7.2020

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How an Online Booking System Can Make Reopening More Efficient

Pubs and restaurants across the UK are starting to reopen in line with the easing of the UK’s lockdown measures. However, going out for a meal, or even a quick drink, can now feel like an usual experience.

Published on 16.7.2020

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How to Franchise a Restaurant: 5 Key Steps

See if franchising is the best way to expand your restaurant. 

Published on 13.7.2020

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Australian JobKeeper will decrease - but set to continue into 2021

Published on 13.7.2020

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