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New Restaurant Technologies for 2022

8 Nov 2023

Innovation is at the core of good business. If we look to some of the biggest businesses in operation today, it’s clear to see that those who embrace innovation tend to be the most successful.  

Blazing a trail is never bad thing whether you’re in the retail or hospitality industry. After the unprecedented disruption of the last couple of years, operators have been looking for new ways to give their business a bump.

Restaurants can benefit massively from new technologies. Customer experience is central to hospitality businesses and innovation is one of the best ways you can improve it. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the emerging restaurant technology trends in 2022

Point of sale technology 

Point of sale (POS) systems have become a ubiquitous sight in restaurants across the world. As these systems have become more and more sophisticated, they have gone from simple mechanical tills to advanced computer systems capable of running an entire restaurant from one central location. 

The Epos Now Restaurant package is one such system. Using top-of-the-line technology, your restaurant can streamline its processes and concentrate on serving your diners. Perhaps one of the more interesting features of the system is that it is cloud-based.

Cloud POS systems allow restaurant operators to log in remotely and access all of their businesses data from anywhere. This kind of transparency gives managers and owners the ability to stay informed of business performance without needing to be on site.  

The benefits of cloud-based POS 

Opting for a cloud-based system like Epos Now means that you’ll maintain full control of your business even when you’re off-site - but that’s not the only advantage of working in the cloud. Let’s dive into four of the biggest benefits that come with cloud tech POS systems.

  1. Mobility: Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a cloud-based POS system is the fact that it lets you access business data from anywhere, on any device.
  2. Security: Your sensitive business data isn’t stored on your computer’s hard-drive. Instead, the information is stored on multiple off-site servers, meaning your data is secure. 
  3. Scalability: Cloud-based POS systems are known for being user-friendly, easy to set up and fully scalable. Your data will stay consistent whether you have one system or a dozen making multiple restaurant management easier.  
  4. Reporting & analytics: Feature-rich reporting will allow you to have in-depth insights into every aspect of your business, from sales to staff. 

Integrations: Cloud-based POS systems will have numerous integrations available. This will allow you to streamline workflows by automating sales data to your accounting platform, employee scheduling system and online ordering.


Looking for a new technology that will help your restaurant? 

The Epos Now Hospitality solution offers you a simpler way to run your business and boost your profits. 

You can benefit from lightning-fast stock checks, streamlined processes, smart business data reports, and an app store full of handy integrations. 

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Contactless payments 

While contactless payment isn’t a new piece of restaurant industry technology, the last couple of years has put the need for it into stark relief. Consumer habits have changed and many now prefer to pay with card. 

Not only are there health benefits to contactless card payments, there are numerous reasons to take these payments in your restaurant. The Epos Now Pro+ is a fully mobile POS solution that allows you to run your restaurant, take contactless payments, and handle inventory management all from one device. 

Back and front of house synchronisation

One of the most exciting aspects of restaurant kitchen technology is how it can make the experience of working in a restaurant much smoother. A good example of how restaurant tech trends are achieving this is through kitchen display screens (KDS). 

Kitchen display screens are two linked screens that connect the front and back of house. As an order is entered into your POS system, it’s automatically displayed on its sister screen in the kitchen. This ensures that orders are accurate possible and improve the guest experience even further.  

Digital receipts 

Many governments have a legal requirement to provide receipts with every transaction. While printer technology has progressed to be more efficient, many customers would prefer not to carry a hundred scraps of paper in their wallet. 

This is where digital receipts come in. This useful jump in receipt technology is very simple. Instead of a physical paper receipt, customers now have the option to give you their email address and have the receipt sent to them digitally. Not only is this more convenient and environmentally friendly, but it also means you can build a database of customer information.   

Online ordering 

The delivery revolution is well underway. Restaurants that never would dream of offering delivery now depend on it as a major part of their income. As food delivery apps have become more and more prevalent, many restaurants are signing up for their services. 

Using delivery services have a number of different benefits for restaurants including:

  • Higher revenue - With online ordering, customers can leisurely browse rather than hurriedly place their order in person or over the phone. Since there’s no pressure, customers are more likely to order extra items, leading to higher sales.
  • Accurate orders - Taking orders over the phone is outdated. Your phone line could be tied up, and a loud bar can drown out the conversation. This leads to orders being recorded incorrectly, which means a waste of food and revenue for your bar – and a bad experience for your customer. Ordering with online restaurant technologies eliminates those variables.
  • Data tracking -  Information on orders can be tracked when placed through a website. You can learn more about your customers, including how often they order, and which items they usually purchase.

Epos Now offer a useful integration for those looking to break into the food delivery market. Epos Now Order and Pay allows you to build easy-to-read online menus, sets up delivery options, and give you unique QR codes that your customers can use to order at their tables. 

Prepare for the future with Epos Now

Your point of sale system is crucial to your business and making sure that it can handle everything you need for future trading is essential.  A good POS system can do much more than simply process transactions. With the Epos Now hospitality POS system, you can:

  • Integrate with an online ordering system like Epos Now Order & Pay so you can keep your customers and staff safer
  • Connect with 100+ apps to help with items like marketing, customer loyalty, and accounting
  • Accept credit, debit, gift cards, and contactless payments
  • Get the help you need with 24/7 support from our experts 

If you’re interested in seeing what Epos Now could do for your business, get in touch with our team below.

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