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How to Adapt and Thrive as a Small Business in a Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living has increased substantially this year, here's how your business can adapt and thrive in these challenging times. 

Published on 15.9.2022

Complete Solution with Payments Hero

Epos Now Announces  £0 Upfront Offer!

An exciting new offer is making state-of-the-art POS systems more affordable than ever!

Published on 25.8.2022


Making Tax Digital: How Can Businesses Prepare?

The UK government has announced its plans to make the tax system digital by 2024, which means that businesses will need to start submitting their tax returns online. Find out how you can prepare your business for this change.

Published on 16.8.2022

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Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Government-Backed Recovery Loan Scheme

Need financial help to get your business back on track post-Covid? The government has announced a new Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) to support businesses of all sizes. Here's everything you need to know about the scheme, from eligibility criteria to how to apply.

Published on 28.7.2022

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Our Response to the Conflict in Ukraine

Our response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Published on 16.3.2022

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Simple Staff Management With Workforce.com and Epos Now

It's our pleasure to announce our new integration with Workforce.com, a new way to manage your employee admin.

Published on 21.2.2022

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What do the New Welsh COVID Restrictions Mean for You?

New Welsh COVID restrictions come into effect on the 26th December. Make sure your business is prepared with this blog. 

Published on 24.12.2021

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Epos Now launches integrations with Facebook and Google to boost foot traffic with NearSt

Epos Now is delighted to partner with NearSt and offer our merchants brand new integrations into Facebook Shops and Google Local Product Listings.

Published on 8.11.2021

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We’re Proud at Epos Now: Celebrating Pride Month with the World

The start of June marks the beginning of Pride Month. Epos Now will be celebrating in every country we operate in. 

Published on 1.6.2021

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