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Payment Methods - And How To Accept Each Of Them

Looking for ways to accept different types of payments? Check out this guide to learn about the most popular payment methods and how to accept them.

Published on 11.11.2022

Card Payments

What is EFTPOS?

Of the many acronyms you hear in business, EFTPOS can be one of the stranger. But once understood, it can be useful. Here's Epos Now's explanation.

Published on 28.9.2022

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Making Payments Painless

The hospitality industry relies on its card machines, but getting a good deal on a reliable device is neither simple nor painless. Even so, a good deal can transform your operation.

Published on 28.9.2022


Taking the Pain Out of Payments for Small Businesses

Retailers rely on their card machines, but understanding what your store needs to get the most out of a card machine deal takes a lot of work. Taking the pain out of payments can have positive effects that last for years.

Published on 28.9.2022

credit card payments for small businesses

Credit Card Payments For Small Businesses

Considering offering your customers the option to pay by credit card? Here's what you need to know about setting up merchant accounts and processing payments.

Published on 21.9.2022

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How Using Mobile Payments Increases Your Business Efficiency

Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular with customers worldwide. Find out how they can help your business become more efficient. 

Published on 24.8.2022

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What is a Chargeback?

Discover what a chargeback is, how it can affect your business, and what you can do to prevent them with our handy guide.

Published on 29.7.2022

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How to Accept Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick and easy way to accept payments. This blog teaches you how to incorporate Google Pay into your business. 

Published on 13.7.2022

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How Do I Accept Apple Pay at My Business?

Apple Pay has grown hugely over the last few years, so being Apple-friendly can help optimise your business. So here's all you need to know.

Published on 30.6.2022

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