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How to Get Your Outdoor Dining Area Ready for Winter

Keep your business going, and guests comfortable, with this quick guide to mastering al fresco dining. 

Published on 6.10.2020

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14 Reasons Why Restaurants Fail and How to Avoid Them

Learn the common mistakes made by new and seasoned restaurant owners - so you can avoid them. 

Published on 28.9.2020


How to Increase Restaurant Revenue Without Raising Prices

When it comes to generating more revenue in your restaurant, simply raising prices is rarely the answer. 

Published on 8.9.2020

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#NoMoreNoShows - How to take a Deposit on your Epos Now System

Diners failing to turn up to bookings is harmful to a restaurants’ revenue. But if you take a deposit at the point of booking, the number of no shows can be cut considerably.

Published on 20.7.2020

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How an Online Booking System Can Make Reopening More Efficient

Pubs and restaurants across the UK are starting to reopen in line with the easing of the UK’s lockdown measures. However, going out for a meal, or even a quick drink, can now feel like an usual experience.

Published on 16.7.2020

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How to Franchise a Restaurant: 5 Key Steps

See if franchising is the best way to expand your restaurant. 

Published on 13.7.2020

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Eat Out to Help Out: Government Announces VAT cut for Hospitality Businesses

In a “mini-budget” delivered today, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced several measures aimed at supporting the UK hospitality industry and keeping people in work.

Published on 8.7.2020

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How to Create a Restaurant Floor plan

Our guide on how to create a restaurant floor plan.

Published on 7.7.2020

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How to Collect Customer Data for Test & Trace

The Government has called on pubs, cafes and restaurants in England to collect and store guests’ data for 21 days to support the NHS’s Test & Trace scheme.

Published on 2.7.2020

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