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Pub Marketing Strategies to Empty Barrels and Fill Bars

Choosing which events to run and how to advertise them are big decisions for a pub landlord. But some common ideas can be relied on to fill the bar.

Published on 26.4.2022

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Pub Menu Ideas: Tasty Tips for Any Public House

Bad menu management can leave your business high and dry. So if you're thinking of opening a new pub, or a pub owner trying to optimise your offering, read our list of pub menu ideas to help get profits pouring. 

Published on 21.4.2022

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How to Start a Beer Garden: Pub and Bar Owner Guide

The list of requirements for starting a beer garden is far from pint-sized. So get ahead of the competition, with our list of simple steps for opening one.

Published on 19.4.2022

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5 Great Ways to Sell Food Online

Invest in the future of your business by offering online ordering, collection and delivery. This guide shares 5 steps to help you set up, maximise your profits and the best platform to sell food online.

Published on 7.4.2022

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5 Easter Promotion Ideas For Restaurants

Looking for interesting ways to promote your business over the Easter holiday? We have you covered.

Published on 5.4.2022

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Adapt to Demand - Epos Now Online Ordering

Stay ahead of the curve by offering the solutions customers want to see. Epos Now Online Ordering allows you to cater to the needs of every guest whether they’re sitting in, staying home, or calling in to collect.

Published on 5.4.2022

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How to Reduce Waiting Time in Restaurants

In any eatery, you should be waiting on your customers, not the other way around. Read our top tips on how to reduce waiting time in restaurants.

Published on 1.4.2022

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New Restaurant Technologies for 2022

Keep your restaurant ahead of the pack in 2022 with the latest in hospitality technology. 

Published on 1.4.2022

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How to Upsell as a Bartender

Up your upselling game, with our top tips on how to upsell as a bartender.

Published on 23.3.2022

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