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Explore the latest trends and insights, as well as advice on how to thrive in the retail and hospitality sectors.

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What is the Healthiest Takeaway?

Want to get fit but can't fight the temptation of takeout? Read our list of top 7 healthiest takeaways.

Published on 28.1.2022

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What are the Top 10 Trends in Hospitality in 2022?

Read our list of top 10 trends in the hospitality industry, so you can keep on top of business and stay #relevant.

Published on 26.1.2022


How Do Receipt Printers Work?

If you want to print the best receipts for your business, you'll need a great printer! Do you need thermal or impact printing? How do they work?

Published on 25.1.2022

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The Best EPOS Provider for Restaurants

The right EPOS system can be life-changing for a restaurant. In blog, we've compared some of the most well-known companies to help you choose.

Published on 20.1.2022

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The Types of EPOS Used in Restaurants

Running a restaurant is difficult but there are many pieces of hardware that can help. This blog tells you all you need to know.

Published on 11.1.2022


Where to Promote Your Takeaway Food Business

We look at the best places to advertise your business, how you can leverage these platforms to attract new customers and build your brand reputation.

Published on 10.1.2022

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What do the New Welsh COVID Restrictions Mean for You?

New Welsh COVID restrictions come into effect on the 26th December. Make sure your business is prepared with this blog. 

Published on 24.12.2021

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Epos Now Delivery

Epos Now Delivery is perfect for restaurants that want to offer delivery via third-party order and delivery platforms like Just Eat, UberEats, and Deliveroo. 

Published on 4.12.2021

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What Kind of Business is a Restaurant?

There's enough to worry about when opening a restaurant without having a good business structure in place. This blog will help you make an informed choice.

Published on 18.11.2021

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