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How to Get £250 by Referring a Friend to Epos Now

If you’re an existing customer with Epos Now, you can refer abusinesses to us for a substantial referral fee of £250.

Published on 9.8.2022

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What is Shelf Wear?

Shelf wear is a frustrating part of retail. In this blog, we explain what it is and how you can avoid it. 

Published on 3.8.2022

Back to School

Back To School Marketing Techniques for Retailers

The back-to-school market can bring a fantastic lift to retailers, providing new sales and new customers who return to stores throughout the year. But how can businesses capture their slice of this competitive market?

Published on 1.8.2022

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How to Protect Your Retail Sales Amid Rising Inflation

With inflation now on the rise, it looks like things won't be getting easier anytime soon. Or does it? Luckily we've found some super ways you can protect your sales amid rising inflation, so read on to keep your retail business ahead of the curve.

Published on 29.7.2022

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What Is Experiential Retail?

Though the name may sound exciting, the actual concept is even better. But what exactly is experiential retail? And how can it benefit your business? Fortunately, we've got the answers.

Published on 29.7.2022

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Renovating Your Retail Store

Renovations are often a gamble, with valuable revenue being reinvested with ambitions for greater takings in future. So getting them right is crucial. Here are five key areas to focus on for your retail renovation.

Published on 26.7.2022

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Fashion Spending Rises in the UK as Socialising Returns

Despite the strain of the last couple of years, fashion retailers have seen a rise in sales in 2022. This blog explains this interesting phenomenon. 

Published on 20.7.2022

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How to Analyse Your Store's Foot Traffic

So you're ready to take your store's success into your own hands and start making data-driven decisions. But where do you start? Analysing your store's foot traffic can be a great way to get insights into how customers are behaving in your store, and what changes you can make to improve their experience.

Published on 20.7.2022

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What is Inventory Control?

If your business doesn't have the products your customers want, it can't make sales. That's why you need to stay on top of inventory control to maintain a grasp on trade.

Published on 13.7.2022

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