5 Easter Promotion Ideas For Restaurants

Written by Conal Yarwood-Frost

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Holidays like Easter present a perfect marketing opportunity for hospitality businesses like restaurants. Customers expect an experience with their food and Easter offers a number of fun and interesting way to promote your business. 

With this blog, we’ll give a few of our favorite Easter-themed ways you can draw customers into your business. If implemented correctly, your reputation will grow favorably and you can secure custom for years to come. 

5 Easter restaurant promotions 

Offer a special multi-course menu 

Easter is a popular time for families to go out and eat together. Often families will take advantage of the holiday and organize reunions and get-togethers. It is this group of potential customers you are targeting. 

Offering a multi-meal special can entice customers that don’t fancy cooking for all their visiting relatives. This is also a good opportunity to reward the members of your loyalty program by offering them the chance to make reservations before anyone else before the general public. 

Be sure to advertise your Easter restaurant special menu on social media. Many people will be searching online for things to do over Easter and they’re more than likely to find if you market it on local social media pages. 

Build Easter baskets for customers 

The Easter holiday is full to the brim with fun hallmarks that you can add to your marketing push. Easter baskets are an iconic part of the holiday and offer you the chance to entice your customers with the promise of free giveaways. 

Work out a small budget you can spend on Easter-themed objects and fill baskets with them. Once that’s done, all you need to do is to give away the baskets to any customers that dine with you during the promotion. Everyone loves free stuff and will be paradoxically more than happy to spend a bit of money to get the baskets. 

Put on activities for children

As Easter is a family-focused holiday, it’s important to take children into consideration when you plan your marketing program for it. There are a number of different child-friendly activities you can implement at your restaurant to attract families. These include: 

  • Hiring an Easter Bunny - Children are very invested in the idea of the Easter Bunny and the chance to meet them will be too much to resist. Check your local directories to see if there are any local entertainers willing to don a pair of fluffy ears for you. 
  • Offer egg decorating - Decorating eggs is a wholesome activity the entire family can enjoy. Set up a dedicated area in your restaurant where families can decorate eggs and enjoy a meal. Make sure to boil the eggs beforehand! 
  • Create a special kid’s menu - Ask your chef to prepare some special kid’s meals over the Easter weekend. Perhaps you could offer Easter-themed desserts and prepare egg-shaped food. 

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Run an Easter-themed competition 

Competitions are like cat-nip for customers and Easter offers a great opportunity to run your own. All you need to do is to come up with a challenge and a reward. This could be a multiple-choice Easter question and a coupon for a free meal at our establishment. 

You can add an extra dimension to your competition by offering your customers an extra entry if they follow your business on social media. Some countries and social media platforms have strict rules regarding competitions so make sure to check that your promotion falls within the rules. 


Create an Easter Cocktail 

Is your restaurant more focused towards adults? You can still join in on the Easter fun! A simple way to get involved would be to task your bartenders to create a special Easter cocktail. The novelty of an Easter Bunny Bramble alone is sure to drum up business and cocktails have a great profit margin. 

Be sure to encourage your customers to post pictures and their impressions of the drink on social media to entice more business. If you have an active mailing list with apps like Mailchimp, you can even email free cocktail coupons to your customers to drive even more sales. 

Be prepared for the Easter rush

Easter is a busy time for restaurants and it’s important you’re prepared for it. The Epos Now Restaurant POS system is designed to take the stress out of running your business and streamlines your processes. The benefits of our systems include:

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