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Integrate Accounts With Your POS System

14 Oct 2020

Clarity, simplicity, and ease of use are phrases not commonly associated with small business accounting, but they should be. The end of tax year doesn't have to be a headache, especially when you can add accounting integrations to your Epos Now system. With the right POS invoicing software, you can reduce your workload and labor costs.

A TD Bank survey found that 46% of business owners consider bookkeeping their least favorite task, and who can blame them? Operating from an Excel spreadsheet might be ok for a startup establishing itself, but can leave you vulnerable as your business grows.

Why should I integrate my accounts?

Integrating your accounts package with your POS system offers a whole host of business benefits. 

Save time

Manually adding accounting data is tedious and time-consuming, amounting to hours of admin time each week. Integrating your Epos Now system with accounting software removes this step, with your end of day figures automatically pulled through to your POS invoicing software. This ensures you can focus on other business-critical tasks, or spend more time doing what you love.

Save money

Sending your accountant reams of paperwork and spreadsheets to tackle each year-end is costing you by the hour. An automated accounts module ensures your data is in a neat bundle, with all the information they need at their fingertips reducing the amount of time it takes for them while reducing the cost to your business.

Eliminate human errors

Not only is manual data input time consuming, but it’s also prone to human error. By removing this step, you avoid unnecessary and costly errors that could damage your business.

What POS invoicing software is right for me?

Epos Now has partnered with several industry leaders to give you more flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting accounting tools. See which service is right for your business.


Xero is an easy to use online accounting software package that is designed specifically for small businesses. Xero has all you need to run your business - including invoicing, payroll, paying bills, sales tax returns, and reporting. Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cashflow in real-time.

Like Epos Now, Xero is built on the cloud which means you can log in from anywhere, anytime, with your PC, Mac, or mobile. You can even invite your team and work together on financials and collaborate over your up-to-date numbers.


Sage One is the leading online accounting software that’s ideal for start-ups and small businesses, with over 3 million customers worldwide. Logical and easy to use, Sage One allows you to manage your finances, create quotes and invoices, prepare tax returns, and connect to your bank with automatic bank feeds.

Sage One is also a cloud-based system meaning all you need is an internet connection to access your data. Epos Now Sales, Products, Stock, Customers & Suppliers are automatically synchronized to Sage One in real-time. Sage ensures your business remains compliant with payroll legislation, especially important for businesses with seasonal workers and high staff turnover.

Quickbooks Online

If you need an all-purpose POS invoicing software, look no further than Quickbooks Online. Our integration with Quickbooks helps you maximize tax deductions, manage cash flow, and account for all sales taxes. On top of this, you can track receipts simply by snapping a picture from your phone. 

Working with vendors has never been easier. You can send digital invoices and collect payments all from one device. 

Contact us to learn more about our accounting integrations and POS invoicing software.

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