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Make trading easier than ever and improve the checkout experience by integrating your Epos Now system with takepayments. 

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Benefits You'll Enjoy

Less human error

Protect your business from accidental underpayments and void duplicate payments and chargebacks with smart payment processing. 

Personalised billing

Say goodbye to standard transaction fees. takepayments creates a package that's tailored to your business.


12 month contract

Get more flexibility with short contracts and no charge to leave or join.

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Epos Now + takepayments

Improve customer experience with fast, reliable payment processing. With Epos Now and takepayments, you can boost your profit potential by accepting all payment types.

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Encourage safe shopping

Give your customers flexible ways to pay with chip-and-pin devices and contactless card readers. Reduce touchpoints between staff and customers with Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

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Make queues shorter

Streamline checkout and shorten wait times with integrated payments. With fewer cash payments and one-tap payment systems, employees will spend less time counting change and more time helping customers.

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Ensure precise accounts

Reconcile all cash, credit, debit, and gift card purchases automatically. takepayments collects all data need to make bookkeeping incredibly simple.

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Complete security

Security features like Chip & PIN, 3D secure, and AVS help prevent fraudulent transactions. All customer data is translated through encrypted, PC-compliance devices to prevent theft.

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