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Accepting EMV payments is now quicker, easier, and more affordable than ever before with Worldpay.

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Benefits You'll Enjoy

Merchant agnostic

Worldpay works with all merchants so you can do business as normal if you're still under contract.

Contactless Ready

Do you want to accept Apple Pay and contactless cards? Worldpay is here to help.


Competitive rates

Worldpay’s rates are the lowest in the market, guaranteed by a price match. Your rates are customized based on your average transaction volume.

support retail v2

Worldpay + Epos Now

Worldpay is your gateway to all that is possible in payment processing. Integrating your Epos Now system with Worldpay increases profit potential and takes no time at all.

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Paymentsense boost profits

Maintain social distancing

Use chip-and-pin devices and contactless card readers to reduce touching between staff and customers. Customers can use smartphone applications like Apple Pay and Google Wallett for even less contact. 

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Paymentsense serve customers

Reduce wait times

Speed up your checkout process and shorten lines with fast, integrated payments. Fewer cash payments means less time counting bills and making change, boosting checkout speed.

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Paymentsense make reporting easier

Simplify recordkeeping

Account for all cash, credit, debit, and gift card purchases in your Back Office. Quickly access data to make end of day reporting a breeze.

Paymentsense fraud

Robust data protection

All transactions are transmitted through PCI-compliant devices that encrypting customer data. With Worldpay, you lower the risk of identity theft and fraud, as well as reduce the likelihood of customer chargebacks.

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