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How to: stocktake

Good inventory management is essential to running a successful business and one of the most important responsibilities of a manager, but the task of a stocktake can often feel like a huge burden. However, the benefits for your business are irrefutable especially when major discrepancies are found and can be rectified.

Awkward or no software can result in frequent errors and make this process even more tedious and time-consuming, but Epos Now have the perfect solution. Our stock control system allows for an effortless stocktake, with the software doing most of the work for you. Follow our simple step-by-step-guide to take the stress out of your stocktake.

How to: stocktake

And your stocktake is complete!

You can also choose to do a ‘blind stocktake’ which sets a permission in the back office where certain staff members are unable to view the expected stock to prevent items not actually being counted.


Abi Constable

Abi joined Epos Now in April 2018 as a Campaign Marketing Executive. She worked in hospitality part-time throughout her academic career and loves travelling and eating out.

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