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Key dates for your hospitality business in Q1 of 2024

Danielle Collard
12 Jan 2024

Running a business is a relentless race with its highs and lows, which makes taking the chance to plan your journey that much more important.

Take a moment to recover in the relative lull (or continue to bring in the crowds with your January specials!), and plan ahead this January. Here are some noteworthy dates you can add to your calendar as you start to plan for the year ahead.

January dates to keep in mind

January may look like a quiet month, with many diners short on cash following their Christmas sprees, but days like Blue Monday can bring big profits to those who take advantage of it.

Like every month, January is chock full of dedicated national and international days for causes, hobbies, and more. The end of the month also brings some key tax dates you’ll need to be aware of.

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Blue Monday, 15 January

Blue Monday has been labelled “the most depressing day of the year”, which means businesses have the opportunity to brighten the day, and everybody will be looking for something to uplift spirits. Get your customer's attention with something warm and fun like:

  • A special dish
  • Mind-boosting treats
  • Vibrant blue-themed drinks
  • A Blue Monday event! (Perhaps partner with a mental health organisation to promote well-being?)
  • Offering discounts or vouchers on your social media for those who share positive affirmations

Though many of your customers might not be ready to flash the cash, a promotion or Blue Monday discount could bring that cheer that guests will be looking for, and position your hospitality business as a beacon of positivity during the challenging post-holiday period.

Self-assessment tax returns, 31 January

While the UK tax year runs through to April, self-assessment tax returns need to be completed by the end of the month. Whether you or your accountant will be taking care of your accounts, it is vitally important that you file your self-assessment tax returns by this date if you meet any of these criteria.

You’ll also need to report and pay capital gains tax on any business asset you’ve sold or disposed of during the previous year if you didn’t pay tax on the gains at the time of sale.

If you haven’t settled your tax bill for the 2022-23 tax year, you’ll need to balance your bill at the same time you make your first instalment on the 2023-24 year.

Dedicated January days

  • Get to Know Your Customers Day, 18 January - This day is one of four days throughout the year the US sets aside to encourage businesses to get more familiar with the people putting fuel into the trade. But the day is supported in numerous countries now, and it’s always a great idea wherever you are. Do this with a customer survey, a feedback form, or (if you fancy going further) even a meet and greet!
  • Cheese Lover's Day, 20 January - Cheese Lover’s Day is a moment to let your chefs have fun! Find some cheese-based favourites and bring out a limited offer menu that lets your guests expand their cheese-y palates in celebration of this unique day (And maybe you could think about some wines to go with!).
  • Burns Night, 25 January (Scottish) - If you’re a Scottish-based business, or share Scottish roots in your family or community, take this opportunity to offer a traditional Scottish dinner or promote the famous and beloved poetry of poet Robert Burns.
  • Australia Day, 26 January - Australia Day marks the arrival of the British in Australia, but is used to celebrate the diversity and culture of the land down under. It’s an opportunity for your business to sell some Australian cuisine, have an unseasonal BBQ, run an Aussie-themed event, or offer your Australian customers a special offer!

Veganuary and Dry January, all month - January is a month many people use to cut back on meat and alcohol, so putting alternative proteins and non-alcoholic drinks on the menu could be a good way to benefit from the changes in spending from some of your customer base.

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More Q1 dates to keep in mind for your hospitality business

National Apprenticeship Week (UK), 5-11 February

Apprentices offer businesses the chance to train and integrate valuable team members and upskill future staff members, but they’re often overlooked. National Apprentice Week gives your business the opportunity to thank, appreciate, and focus on apprentices and trainee staff, and offer them praise, rewards, and recognition for their hard work!

Super Bowl LVII (NFL), 12 February

American Football has grown its global popularity in recent years and this highlight of the season, with its notable half-time show. Air the game or run a special to draw in the audience and bring a boost to your day.

Shrove Tuesday, 13 February

Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day) is a day many celebrate by enjoying pancakes for dinner, while also marking a key religious date for the Christian community. It’s a great day to welcome families to your hospitality business, with children eager to munch down sweet and savoury pancakes whipped up by your busy chefs.



Valentine's Day, 14 February

Valentine’s Day is a highlight of the hospitality year, with floods of lovestruck diners hitting the town in search of romantic meals that will ignite the hearts of their partners. In 2022,  US data showed 52% of people planned to celebrate spending an average of $192 [1].

Be sure to market early and set up the ideal menu equipped with promotions to be sure your business makes the most of this crucial time of the year - last year our Epos Now data showed us there was:

  • In the UK, a 75% year-on-year increase in spending on Valentine’s day.
  • In Australia, we saw a 87% year-on-year increase.
  • And In the USA? A huge 94% year-on-year increase! 

National Chip Week, 20 - 26 February 

Chicken tikka masala may be the national dish, but few treats are as popular in the UK as chips. Run a special on your side, or expand your menu for the week to complement chips and cash in on this fun potato-themed week!

LGBT+ History Month (UK), all February

The queer or gay community are a well-supported and significant portion of every customer base. Throughout February, the community reflects on the achievements and difficulties faced by the community in the past. Show your support for LGBT+ people by reflecting on your policies, spreading awareness, and creating a safe environment for the community. (Note: the USA runs this month in October!)


Other dates to remember in February 2024:

  • World Nutella Day, 5 February
  • National Pizza Day, 9 February
  • Chinese New Year (year of the dragon), 10 February
  • Random Act of Kindness Day, 17 February
  • Love Your Pet Day, 20 February

Key dates for hospitality businesses in March 2024:

  • St David’s Day, 1 March
  • World Book Day, 7 March

International Women’s Day, 8 March

International Women’s Day falls early in March and has become popular across the nation. Celebrate the women in your company, highlight their achievements, and use the resources and ideas the International Women’s Day website puts at your disposal.

  • Ramadan starts, 10 March
  • Mother’s Day (UK), 10 March
  • Popcorn Lovers Day, 14 March
  • St Patrick’s Day, 17 March
  • BAFTA’s, 18 March
  • First Day of Spring, 20 March
  • British Summer Time starts (UK), 31 March
  • Easter Sunday, 31 March

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