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Offer Contactless Ordering & Payment with Hopt

14 Oct 2020

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which restaurants throughout the UK are closed for onsite diners, food service businesses have been forced to adapt to keep customers and staff safe. In many cases, enterprising business owners have taken the step of shifting to a takeaway model as a way of continuing to serve customers in a manner consistent with social distancing measures.

One of the challenges we’ve seen is that many restaurants have just a single phone line, and are thus not able to maximise their capacity for taking orders. This is why we have an exclusive partnership with Hopt - an order and pay app, that gives customers and businesses real flexibility.

How does Hopt work?

  • Hopt is a free mobile ordering system, designed exclusively for EposNow. It allows your customers to browse your menu, and order and pay for collection or delivery right from their mobile phones - either from the comfort of their own homes, or at the table in your restaurant.
  • Hopt integrates seamlessly with your Epos Now restaurant POS system so orders synchronise directly with your till, as well as with your kitchen printer or kitchen display screen. This means that with Hopt, you can get orders out quickly and efficiently, satisfying customer demand while simplifying your service and reducing order errors.

With the Hopt app, every time you add or update a product or promotion on your Epos Now restaurant POS system, it updates on your Hopt menu, and automatically hides items that are marked as out of stock on your back office.

One example of an Epos Now customer who has enjoyed success since implementing Hopt is The Portland Hotel, Bar & Restaurant in Ashington. Initially worried about being unable to open as usual under social distancing measures, proprietor John Pringle said:

“We discovered Hopt after deciding to reopen as a takeaway. The setup is simple and any changes we make to our menu automatically change on the app. Our customers now have our menu permanently in their pockets and we’re currently trading at 85% of what we were doing before lockdown began”.

Not only is Hopt the ideal solution in a world where customers are unable to dine in your restaurant but it will allow you to maintain social distancing when you are able to reopen for customers, by allowing them to order and pay at their table.

Benefits of Integrating with Hopt:

With the Hopt app, you can manage a completely contactless ordering system from start to finish.

  • Order & Apps increase customer spend on average by 31%
  • Free integration
  • Highly Competitive fees
  • Easy to set up
  • Customers order and pay on the free to download app
  • Orders go directly to your restaurant POS system and kitchen
  • Orders and transactions sync with your back office
  • Paid orders sync with your accounting integration

Contactless payment, pick up and delivery is a great way for you to show corporate responsibility to your customers and follow social distancing rules whilst continuing to keep the cash flowing in undoubtedly tough times.

Hopt for Social Distancing after Lockdown

Not only will Hopt allow you to operate as a takeaway whilst your restaurant is closed but it will help with social distancing measures once you are able to reopen to diners. With our Hopt integration, your customers will be able to order and pay from their tables meaning your staff will never have to transact and can focus on service.

Get in touch with our team who will be happy to talk through the Hopt App with you:

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