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August 2024

July and August dates for your marketing diary for 2024

As we continue through summer (though with some of the weather you may struggle to notice), you and your staff may feel the heat inside your business, making it difficult to capitalise on the opportunities that arrive later in the season.

Published on 7.16.2024

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2024 Summer social media trends for your business!

Hi business owners! WUBU2 😎? (Sorry, is that too 2004 🤔?)

Trying to stay trendy on social media can be really difficult. Social media trends don’t change every few years. They seem to change every few weeks, meaning that trying the latest challenge a day too late can be the difference between going viral and going bust.

Published on 7.16.2024

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Contribution Margin Formula - Calculation and 5 Best Practices

Learn how to find the contribution margin with our comprehensive guide. Understand the definition, formula, and importance of contribution margin in business.

Published on 7.8.2024

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What is PCI compliance? A must-read guide for businesses.

Discover what PCI compliance is and why it's essential for your business. Learn the key requirements, benefits, and steps to ensure customer data protection.

Published on 7.4.2024

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Line Of Credit For Business: Time Saving Guide For Start-Ups

Read this post to learn what a business credit line is, why is important and how to get one to secure your startup success

Published on 6.28.2024

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MPOS: What Is a Mobile Point Of Sale? Learn The Definition

Learn the meaning of a mPOS for a business operational efficiency and how to choose the best mPOS terminal.

Published on 6.21.2024

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NFC Payment - Discover All About Near Field Communication

Read our guide to understand the NFC mobile payments meaning and how to accept them in your business to offer flexibility to your customers.

Published on 6.21.2024

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How to manage a peak-trading season when staffing your business

Though not every summer is equally reliable at providing those long, hot, sunshine-filled days we all dream of, you can still expect to see higher footfall and an increase in transactions as people’s optimism, mood, and energy levels rise with the weather.

Published on 6.14.2024

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SKU: What is a stock-keeping unit for a business?

Learn the SKU definition and why it’s important for business. Read this guide full of product SKU tips to make your inventory management a breeze.

Published on 6.14.2024

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