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How to Sell Retail Inventory on Amazon and Ebay

Austin Chegini
3 Feb 2021

Online retail sales are booming, and the trend will only continue. The Coronavirus pandemic accelerated the shift to e-commerce, and many brick-and-mortar retailers are entering the digital space. 

With this added competition, standing out as a small business is only becoming more difficult. While your e-commerce website should be your main source of sales, you want to open additional revenue streams to supplement your business.

Why Sell on Multiple Channels?

Amazon commands 45% of the e-commerce market, making it the go-to shopping source for many consumers. Selling your products on Amazon, as well as other leading marketplaces like eBay, puts your brand in front of millions of buyers. 

Not only will selling on these sites introduce you to new consumers, but it also gives you a chance to win their favor. If people like your products, you can redirect them to your store to make further purchases.

While it may seem easy to list one or two products on these platforms, is there a way to seamlessly integrate your inventory directly with these websites? 

Yes - let’s see how to do it and more!

Sell More with Epos Now + BigCommerce

If you want to sell on more than one channel, it starts at how you run your store. 

Managing Your Store with the Epos Now Point of Sale

Modern stores need a powerful POS to keep them running. These devices are designed to do much more than simply track sales and collect payments.

The Epos Now retail POS helps you:

  • Manage staff: Track employee hours directly from the till, monitor staff performance, and assign roles/permissions.
  • Oversee inventory: Take stock in minutes, add product notes, and see remaining inventory in real time.
  • Automate marketing: Integrate with programs like Mailchimp to stay in touch with your customers.
  • Reward customers: Use loyalty integrations to send special offers and show customers how much you value them. 

Build an online store with the BigCommerce integration

After your physical store is up and running, you can build an e-commerce website with BigCommerce

For many business owners, the technical challenges of building a website prevent them from entering the e-commerce market. Some people don’t know how to design a store, and others don’t have the time to upload all the content needed for a website.

To solve this problem, stores across the world turn to BigCommerce, an all-in-one e-commerce platform. You get everything you need to run an e-commerce store without worrying about coding, security updates, and other challenges. In no time, you can build a beautiful website, sell products, and grow your online presence.

Best of all, Epos Now systems integrate with BigCommerce, making the process that much easier!

When you synchronize your Epos Now system and BigCommerce, you can:

  • Sell anywhere in the world: Tap into new markets with a powerful website fully optimized for retail.
  • Automatically update inventory: Each time a product is sold online or in your store, both inventories will instantly account for the change.
  • See all sales in one place: Spend less time doing bookkeeping since all sales, returns, and other items automatically go to the Epos Now Back Office.

Use the BigCommerce Multi-Channel Solution

Once you launch your site, tap into the BigCommerce Multi-channel Solution. This platform lets you tap into markets across the internet to get your product in front of many new faces.

With these pre-built integrations, you can:

  • Access more channels: List your goods on Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Wayfair, and other sites.
  • Simplify marketing: BigCommerce lets you automate pixel placement to track return on spend.
  • Sell on social media: Promote your products on Facebook and Instagram.


Speak with an Epos Now POS consultant to learn more!