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Our most useful Epos Now tutorials in May 2024

Danielle Collard
9 May 2024

This month, we’ve released a fresh selection of tutorial videos on different parts of your system. These videos provide speedy, instructive overviews that give you all the info you need. Included in this month's releases are:

All these guides and more are available on the Epos Now YouTube channel, alongside our extended webinars, product releases, and customer case studies!

Want to find a specific article on any technical aspect of your POS system? Visit the Epos Now Support Centre!

How to manage your Google Reviews from your Back Office

For many potential customers, what they see of you on Google is the vital first impression that can make the difference between them paying you a visit and providing their valuable custom or going to a competitor instead.

Our Epos Now and Google integration means you can now monitor your Google Business Profile from your Back Office. 

Who can use the integration?

Our integration is FREE and can currently be accessed by all Epos Now customers in the UK.

Learn more about our Google Business Profile integration here.

How do I access the integration?

Head to your Back Office and log in. Then follow this video for instructions on how to add your Google Business Profile.

Not only can you view Google Reviews, you can also reply directly from the Back Office! Just click the reply option on the right and type out your response.

Watch the tutorial!

Setting up accounting integrations on your Epos Now POS system

Finances and accounts can be one of the bigger challenges when managing a business. Fortunately, Epos Now has partnered with some of the most popular business accounting software, and with our integrations, you can automatically send your business data where it needs to go following each end of day, saving you hours of tedious work.

Your integration wizard will ask you where you want each piece of data, including sales, tips, and taxes, but also offers you the chance to create a unique mapping if your business has a more complicated setup. 

Don’t worry, though, the app gives you the chance to reach out to POS accounting experts who can help you create the perfect accounting solution that makes managing your finances as easy as possible!

Interested in other accounting integrations with Epos Now?

Take a look at our accounting integrations on the Epos Now AppStore!

How to change your name on your Epos Now POS receipts

Creating your perfect receipt, equipped with a logo, a personal message, and all the details you need, is perfectly easy with an Epos Now system. It’s so easy, this short video guide only takes a moment to show you how you can change your company name.

In your Back Office, under Setup>Company>Receipts, you’ll get complete control of the information included on your receipts. It’s a simple matter of deleting any information you don’t want to be included, replacing it with what you need and, as always, remembering to scroll to the bottom to hit save!

Want to learn more about creating your perfect, personalised receipt? Visit our receipts guide in the Support Centre here.

How to edit existing products on your Epos Now POS system

Whether you’re updating a price, setting up colour-coding, or changing the supplier, updating your product list doesn’t have to disrupt your day.

Once again, your Epos Now Back Office is the place to go:

  • Go to Manage>Products>Product List
  • Enable the relevant columns by ticking either “price”, “supplier”, and “till” details
  • Search for the product you want to update either through the list or the search bar
  • Select “edit”, make your amendment, then scroll back left and hit “update” to save your changes

Different types of promotions for your products and categories

So maybe you’ve got a hot new summer promotion to set up for your business, but is it an X for Y, an X for £, or any of the five other promotion types Epos Now can run?

Getting your promotion set up can be a little tricky. You need to ensure:

  1. The correct deductions are made (whether it’s a flat saving or a % discount)
  2. And you need to attach the right products and categories to the promotion so they come into play when your team add them to a customer’s basket

But don’t be put off, once you have the knack, the right promotions can make your season shine bright!

Need some additional support? Take a look at setting up promotions on our Support Centre.

As the weather starts to change, May is a great time to prepare for the season ahead. So be sure to get those plans in place, whether that’s by setting up a new app to take the pressure off your day-to-day routine, or by adjusting your staff roles to make your onboarding process easier. Either way, Epos Now has you covered!

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