How These Successful Food Trucks Are Growing During the Pandemic

Written by Austin Chegini

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2020 has been a tumultuous year for small businesses, especially restaurants. So why are some food truck companies seeing incredible growth?

Survey data indicates that many small businesses have closed their doors permanently due to the coronavirus pandemic. In New York, nearly one-third of restaurants that have closed may never reopen. 

In spite of these statistics, some successful food truck companies are expanding and bringing in many customers. In the past 6 months, two companies, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and Ox-B’s, have added new trucks and locations to their fleets. Even famous brands like Chick-fil-A and Whataburger have unveiled food trucks. 

What makes for a successful food truck?

There has to be some reason why small and large businesses are expanding their food truck offerings, so let’s examine what is driving this growth.


Food trucks are all about speed and convenience, which makes them perfect for diners who expect to get delicious food without a long wait. The companies we mentioned earlier know exactly how to deliver this quick service.

Many traditional restaurants have implemented makeshift drive-thru options to maintain sales during this time. Others are relying on their takeout and delivery options, but these still require customers to wait for the foods to be prepared and delivered. These efforts help to keep restaurants in business, but they are not a sustainable model without heavy reorganization.

Food trucks, on the other hand, were built for moments like this. For example, Ox-B’s delivers orders in under 10 minutes, and Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has seen a 143% increase in drive-thru sales. Also, it almost goes without saying that Chick-fil-A has set the standard for drive-thru efficiency.


Having a following certainly helps bring in more customers, but businesses of any size can build up their brand and generate local hype. For example, Dickeys’ Barbecue Pit was a local chain for 50 years before it started franchising. The company built up its reputation for a long period of time, which likely made it more appealing to diners as it branched out. 

Likewise, many Americans have heard of Whataburger, but the well-known chain only does business in specific states throughout the southern United States. This phenomenon is likely due to the fact that the business focuses on quality instead of growth. Their food is so good, that people who have visited the restaurant will likely tell others about it, demonstrating that size does not imply notoriety. 

A local food truck can build this type of brand recognition by putting quality before everything else. As each new visitor tries your food, they will notice the quality and become your biggest marketing tool. Soon, the whole town will have heard about this food truck that they just have to try.


These successful food trucks also share a commitment to providing outstanding service. Diners want to support their favorite establishments during tough times, and you can gain that support by showing that your business appreciates its customers. 

Chick-fil-A certainly tops the list, and you know why if you have heard their employees say, “My pleasure!”. The company has been named #1 in customer service for four years in a row. When they unveiled their food truck, customers immediately wanted to try the food because of the company’s positive reputation.

Similarly, Ox-B’s knows that customers don’t want to stand around their truck while waiting for their meals. The business encourages customers to wait in the air-conditioned cars and then send a text message once the meal is ready. These notifications may seem like a small treat, but they can really differentiate one small business from another. 

How Epos Now Combines These Three Traits

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Our lightning-fast software processes orders rapidly, and our intuitive user interface speeds up the checkout process. With email marketing integrations, Epos Now gives businesses the ability to reach new customers and build their brand. Lastly, our loyalty program integrations allow businesses to give back to their customers and take surveys to find ways to improve their food truck. 

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