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10 ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant

Learn simple, effective ways to improve the guest experience at your restaurant.

Published on 7.29.2020

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What the Covid-19 Shutdown Taught Us About Restaurant Ordering Systems

As shutdowns continue, we take a look at the impact it has had on restaurant ordering systems.

Published on 7.8.2020

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How to Deal with Difficult or Angry Customers

Dealing with difficult (or angry) customers in your venue can be a tough situation for business owners and staff.

Published on 6.23.2020

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The Benefits of Cloud POS

Here we’ll explain what it means to have a cloud point of sale solution and how your business can reap the benefits.

Published on 12.23.2019

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10 Motivation Techniques For Leaders

Leaders need to create positive environments for their teams. Here is our advice on becoming a motivational leader. 

Published on 5.9.2019

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How Employee Reviews Can Drive Workplace Excellence

Learn how to make employee reviews more effective and meaningful for you as well as your employees.

Published on 2.20.2019

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Four Key Benefits of Cloud-Based POS Systems

Published on 9.7.2018

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Integrate Accounts With Your POS System

See how to simplify your management duties with smart POS integrations.

Published on 3.22.2018

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Is Your POS an Asset or a Liability?

See if your POS is hindering your business's success.

Published on 12.8.2017

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