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Contactless Dining 101: Everything You Need To Know

More than 1 in 6 customers saying that they want contactless dining for added safety and convenience when dining out post-pandemic.

Find out what exactly contactless dining is, why you need it, and how you can integrate Order & Pay into your restaurant today. 

Published on 7.26.2021

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How To Improve Customer Service

Make actionable changes that improve customer satisfaction and retention. This guide outlines four strategies designed to improve customer service in business.

Published on 7.13.2021

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The Best Names for Restaurants: 11 Great Examples

Are you opening a restaurant and stuck on what to call it? Here 11 great examples of the best names for restaurants to get you inspired. 

Published on 6.30.2021

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Restaurant Branding 101: How to Start Building Your Restaurantโ€™s Brand

Standing out from a crowded field of restaurants can be hard. here, we discuss how to start creating a successful brand that will drive sales and help retain customers.

Published on 6.29.2021


Restaurant vs Food Truck - Which is Best in 2021?

Startup and hidden costs, seasonal trends, customer appeal, and the weather - these are some of the things you need to consider when deciding if you should open a food truck or a traditional restaurant in 2021. 

Published on 6.28.2021


How to Value a Restaurant

Although not the most pressing issue restaurant owners worry about, valuing your restaurant is important, and you should always aim to have a close estimate figure. In this article, we show you how to value your restaurant and explain why it matters accurately.

Published on 6.25.2021

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Restaurant Interior Design Themes to Make Your Business Pop

Are you struggling to get your restaurant's design to come alive? Check out these restaurant interior design themes to help you make the best choices for your business.

Published on 6.24.2021

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How to Get More Tips When Working as a Server

Working as a server can be tough, and getting enough tips to survive can be even tougher. Find out how to get more tips from your customers while maintaining a high quality of service. 

Published on 6.23.2021

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How to Deal With Difficult Customers

If complaints are resolved correctly, it can actually result in customers having an even more positive view of the business than if they hadnโ€™t had an issue. This is known as the service recovery paradox. We share our 5-step REACT method for flawless customer recovery.

Published on 6.23.2021

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