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epos now vs SumUp

Epos Now Vs SumUp

Epos Now and SumUp are two market leaders in the POS industry. In this blog, we see how these two stack up against each other.

Published on 3.11.2022

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Is There Profit in the Pizza Business?

Pizza! The timeless favourite dish of young and old! But how much money are those that sell it to you making? How does a pizza business make the most money?

Published on 3.9.2022


How Much Does Food Delivery Insurance Cost?

Food delivery is an appealing idea to the entrepreneurial mind, but getting the right insurance to cover your vehicles without digging into your profits is a tough job.

Published on 2.24.2022

Food Delivery CV

How to Start a Food Delivery Business

The food delivery industry has flourished throughout Covid. But for those looking to get started, there's a lot to consider. Here's a quick summary to help you reach top gear.

Published on 2.21.2022

kate townsend hEC6zxdFF0M unsplash

What is Table Service?

Read our table service blog to help your hospitality business bring something new to the table.

Published on 2.17.2022

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Are Restaurants Required to Provide Water?

We all love a free glass of water with dinner but are restaurants obligated to provide it? This blog takes a deeper look. 

Published on 2.7.2022

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Tap on to me&u: the Smart Way to Order Food and Drinks

me&u is a web-based platform that allows guests to place orders using their mobile device with a quick scan of a qr code or NFC.

me&u is designed to make ordering smarter and help teams focus on what matters in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Published on 2.6.2022

cristiano pinto 2lWGQ02DGL8 unsplash

What is the Healthiest Takeaway?

Want to get fit but can't fight the temptation of takeout? Read our list of top 7 healthiest takeaways.

Published on 1.28.2022

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What are the Top 10 Trends in Hospitality in 2022?

Read our list of top 10 trends in the hospitality industry, so you can keep on top of business and stay #relevant.

Published on 1.26.2022

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