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Why Your Store Needs to Implement Payment Processing

Bricks & Mortar stores face plenty of challenges. Don't let payment processing be one of them. 

Published on 8.13.2020

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How Businesses Can Mitigate the Financial Risk of a Recession

Recessions pose a range of challenges for small businesses, but there are steps entrepreneurs can take to minimise the risks.

Published on 8.12.2020

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How to simplify small business inventory management

Simplifying inventory management will make your business more efficient.

Published on 7.31.2020

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7 Core Skills every Retail Assistant Needs

Here are the 7 core skills all of your retail assistants need.

Published on 7.22.2020

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How to Eliminate Shrinkage in Your Store

One of the biggest problems facing the retail industry is inventory loss. Here's how to fix it.

Published on 7.10.2020

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8 Ways to Boost Sales with Visual Merchandising

Learn how to creatively draw in crowds and drive sales.

Published on 7.1.2020

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Why itโ€™s Never Been More Important to Accept Card Payments

Card payments are growing but many businesses are still cash only. Here's why you should accept card payments.

Published on 5.15.2020

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The Benefits of Cloud POS

Here weโ€™ll explain what it means to have a cloud point of sale solution and how your business can reap the benefits.

Published on 12.23.2019

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10 Motivation Techniques For Leaders

Leaders need to create positive environments for their teams. Here is our advice on becoming a motivational leader. 

Published on 5.9.2019

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