Tap on to me&u. The smart menu for ordering food and drinks in venues.

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me&u shows your customers why they chose the right venue

Better communication

Customers can join your mailing list and leave a review at the touch of a button.

Enticing visual imagery

Showcase your delicious offerings in a menu wrapped with your brand colors and logo.

Effortless ordering

Guests tap the me&u beacon to access your menu, order, and pay using their phone.

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What is me&u?

me&u makes ordering smarter and helps teams focus on what matters to deliver the best customer experience. It’s a web-based platform that allows guests to place an order in 1, 2, 3!

  1. Tap your phone on the me&u beacon or scan the QR code.
  2. Order both food and drinks from the fun, image-based online menu. 
  3. Pay using your preferred digital payment platform.

me&u syncs effortlessly with Epos Now, allowing you to make instant changes, update stock, and review payments from one portal. 

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Offer a customer-led hospitality experience

me&u helps you take your customers’ needs, wants, and wishes into consideration every step of the way.

Guests can view the estimated prep time before they order. When their order is ready, they receive a text or email.

Returning guests can easily bring up past orders - the intuitive software will remember their favorites. They can pay using a range of convenient options like their eWallet or PayPal.

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Your menu, your way

Things can change at the snap of your fingers in a hospitality setting. Now, you can change them at the click of a button. The menu scheduler will save you time, with powerful features like Services, Sections, and scheduled surcharges for holidays. 

This gives you the control to adjust which seating areas are open, which menu is available at certain times of the day, and where your dockets will print out. 

Instantly remove sold-out dishes from your menu, and add new menu items just as fast. All menu and price changes made from your Epos Now system will automatically reflect in real-time. 

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View the information that matters

Get hourly updates on how your venue is performing. View your daily takings and orders, and compare your previous activity in detailed reports. Track all inventory changes from one place. 

Identify dining trends with aggregated data that you can use to monitor your COGS or location marketing opportunities. 

Rating and feedback invitations are sent every time customers dine with you, so you know exactly how things are going.

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Get the support you need, when you need it

me&u has an Australia-based support team that ensures issues and requests are addressed in real-time. Support lines are open 7 days a week. 

You’ll get a free demo tailored to your venue and staff training, as well as guidance for you and your team about how to optimize your venue for success from your dedicated account manager.

me&u will also schedule you in with one of their professional food photographers.  They’ll do a photoshoot for your entire menu! After the shoot is done, you’ll be able to keep the photographs and use them however you like.

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