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Drive more customers to your brick-and-mortar store by making your inventory visible to millions of people on channels like Google and Facebook. 

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What you get with NearSt

NearSt helps you reach customers by promoting your products on the platforms that they like best.

Drive more business in-store

Entice new customers into your brick and mortar store by displaying your inventory on the web’s most viewed shopping threads, such as Google Shopping and Facebook Marketplace.

Serve existing customers

Trump your competitors using customer data for targeted marketing campaigns. Show your products on the sites and apps your customers already use.

Customer analytics

Take advantage of vast stores of your customer data. Review which items are selling best and which aren’t, and which campaigns are gaining traction.

Promote your inventory to millions of shoppers

NearSt puts your products right in front of the people who want to see them the most: the people searching for them.

With NearSt, you can get your store’s inventory on search results in Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram Shopping, identifying particular keywords related to your products. All it takes is to sync your NearSt integration with your Epos Now point of sale system.

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Boost footfall with Google Local Inventory Ads

Want to get the best exposure possible for your products? Show your products at the top of Google searches with Google Local Inventory Ads. Target shoppers who are searching for your products nearby to entice them into your store.

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Appear more prominently in Maps

Make your business more likely to appear in Google Maps and Apple Maps when people search for terms relevant to what you do. Show up in search results for some of the most popular keywords in your industry.

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Measure your impact

See how people nearby find your products and what they’re most interested in, all in a single simple dashboard.

  • Local awareness: See what people are searching for nearby and what products they’re interested in.
  • Help with directions: See the number of people who saw your products and clicked through to get directions to your store.
  • Website visits: Measure the number of visitors who visited your website after seeing your products online.
  • Estimated footfall: Using the NearLIVE footfall algorithm, we provide an estimate of how many shoppers visited your store.
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Simple setup

Think you need to spend loads of time promoting your products online? Think again.

NearSt highlights your products on the sites, apps and services that your customers use. Promotion is fully automated, meaning you can sit back, relax, and focus on the vital areas of your business that need attention. 

NearSt can also work with companies that already use digital agencies.

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Stay in control

Decide where your products appear and who can view your adverts with a few simple toggles. Filter customer demographics by location, gender, or age. If you choose to promote your products in places like Google, stay in control of your spending with daily budgets.

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