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Bakery Business Model: How to Start a Business

In this blog, we'll be exploring the business model behind bakeries and provide you with a guide to writing your own bakery business plan. With your own business plan, you'll be properly prepared to follow your dreams and open up a bakery.

Published on 1.27.2023

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The latest 5 bar industry trends

Discover how keeping up with industry trends, can give a bar business an advantage over its competitors and make customers more likely to choose them.

Published on 1.27.2023

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Restaurant Business Models: How to Succeed in 2023 | Epos Now

Restaurant business models vary in hundreds of different ways, but they are all influenced by the changes the industry continues to experience into 2023.

Published on 1.26.2023

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Retail Business Models: Strategies for Retail Success in 2023

Understanding how retail can adapt their business models to stay with the times is a key part of succeeding in the industry, so here's our guide to staying ahead in 2023.

Published on 1.26.2023

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How to Start a Grocery Store: A guide for Success in 2023

Start a successful grocery store in 2023 with our comprehensive guide. Learn key strategies for success in the grocery industry. 

Published on 1.26.2023

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Hotel Business Model: Optimizing Revenue and Guest Experience

Maximize revenue and enhance guest experience with our proven hotel business model. Learn how to optimize your hotel operations today

Published on 1.26.2023

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Fast food trends: What's hot and what's not in 2023

Discover the latest fast food trends in 2023! Learn what's hot in the fast food industry with Epos Now's expert analysis. 

Published on 1.26.2023

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Coffee Shop Business Model: Standing Out in a Cafe Market

Discover how to stand out in a crowded coffee shop market with our innovative business model. Increase revenue and attract customers today!

Published on 1.26.2023

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Fast Food Business: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Trying to do something different to create your brand is hard in any industry. In fast-food, it's near impossible. But with a few good tricks, you can give your business a clear identity customers love!

Published on 1.20.2023

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