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Tips to Boost Revenue and Beat the January Slump

After a busy Christmas and New Year, many hospitality businesses experience a slump in footfall when January arrives.

Published on 12.10.2020

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POS Reports to Help you Prepare for the Retail Holiday Season

As most business owners know, itโ€™s never too early to start planning and preparing for the holiday season. When it comes to preparation, one of the key elements is the data held in your POS system.

Published on 12.10.2020

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Online sales hit record highs over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The statistics are in following the conclusion of one of the biggest sales weekends on the retail calendar: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Published on 12.9.2020

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How to Increase Food Delivery Sales for Your Restaurant

Read over each of these ideas to boost your food delivery requests!

Published on 12.8.2020

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New Hire Checklist for Restaurant Employees

Read over our restaurant employee onboarding checklist before bringing on new staff.

Published on 12.3.2020

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Working Retail During Holidays - How To Make It More Fun

Read over these ways to help your employees enjoy the holiday rush.

Published on 12.3.2020

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How to Market Your Business For Christmas

Discover how to leverage strategic marketing to boost your bottom line this Christmas.

Published on 12.2.2020

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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment and Essentials

With so many crucial decisions to make when setting up a commercial kitchen, weโ€™ve put together a comprehensive list of kitchen equipment and essentials


Published on 12.1.2020

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How to Do Year-end Inventory for Your Store

Set yourself up for success by following this year-end inventory guide.

Published on 11.30.2020

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