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Making a merry holiday season for your retail business with Epos Now reports

Danielle Collard
4 Dec 2023
"There’s so much data you don’t know what to do with it."
Duncan McGregor
Planet Doughnut , Shropshire

One of the amazing advantages of point-of-sale (POS) technology is the automated reports your system generates every time you open your business. From learning about your team's performance to receiving emails about what’s running low, you can use your reports to guide your hand as you make decisions to encourage trade.

As Christmas approaches, retailers have so much opportunity to capitalize on customers flooding through the door. So how can you use your reports to guarantee a happy holiday for your business?

Let’s wrap it up with a few quick tips and slap a reporting ribbon on top! Here are our top Epos Now reports to be using - all accessible in your Epos Now Back Office for free:

  1. Use your festive filters for winning promotions - If you’ve been trying to put a fresh festive spin every December, choosing the right promotions, deals, and discounts will only get harder every year. But your Epos Now system remembers every treat you’ve offered in the past. You can use your report filters in the Promotion report to show you how successful each sale was, how much was taken off each sale, and the net value of those sales! It’s the best way to find out which deals rocked the most in Q4 every year so you can copy-and-paste success this season.
  2. Time travel reports - Just like checking the success of old promotions, you can compare every December in-store by running a Time Comparisons report and seeing which years were your big successes. What did you do differently that year? How can you take advantage again and make decisions that boost your Christmas haul?
  3. Identify top sellers - Your POS knows your best products. What’s in fashion this year? Bring your seasonal and latest successes to the front. Plaster them in the windows to ensure they catch the eyes of passers-by and push up that footfall. Epos Now Sales by Product reports are your best friend when setting out your store!
  4. Get rid of those Grinches - While you advertise your perfect performers, your Non-selling Stock report will let you know which products have been a waste of shelf-space. Products that aren’t selling may need a price-reduction or might help you most by heading back to the stock room and making way for more successful sellers that will sell at speed.
  5. Spot your sales peaks - Your Time Interval reports tell you when you can’t keep the queues down. They’re every manager’s essential ally when planning out your staff hours! An hour saved here when it’s quiet, an hour added there where your shelves stagger under the weight of clamouring customer hands. Get your staffing right this December by knowing your busiest hours!
  6. Inspired inventory management - The last thing you want is to let a customer down by running out of stock. If they’re a present short, then you’ve lost out on a sale. But when things get busy, it’s tough to see through the crowds and know what you need to reorder. Save your shelves with our real-time Stock report that makes monitoring inventory easier than ever and ensures you never miss out on a sale.

Read more articles on Epos Now reports and much more, all at the Epos Now Support Centre.

Need more convincing on how our reports can help your business? Here’s what our customers say about our reporting functions:

"I use the reporting in the Epos Now system to identify our top sellers, where our biggest opportunities are, who has the opportunity for more upselling and things like that because there's usually a reason behind whatever's happening."
Joyce Stauffer
Cowpens Coffee and Creamery , South Carolina, USA
"Sales reports are available at the click of a button. The back office is so easy to use, anyone can do it."
Paul Phillips
A Reader's Heaven , Lithgow, Australia
"We use the reporting function all the time. It's really fantastic, really streamlined."
Tom Pearson
Stuzzi , Leeds, UK
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