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DAVO Sales Tax

DAVO automatically sets aside sales tax daily using sales data from Epos Now and files and pays the state for you.

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Benefits of Sales Tax Automation With DAVO

Daily Withdrawals

Rest easy knowing you’ll never come up short on your sales tax due date, with money put aside every day.

Fully Automated

No danger of missed deadlines and subsequent fees, with automatic filing and payment.

On-Time Discounts

Guaranteed on-time filing lets you receive discounts if they are available in your state.

Never Worry

Never Worry About Sales Tax Again

DAVO Sales Tax is the only fully automated sales tax management service available, that completely takes sales tax off your plate.  Integrating directly with Epos Now to set aside your sales tax funds daily, DAVO automatically files and pays your sales tax on time and in full when due. Set up in minutes and let DAVO handle every step of the sales tax process, so you don’t have to.

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Save Time

Save Valuable Time

Every area of the sales tax process is automated — from collecting, to filing, to paying.

DAVO works seamlessly with your point of sale, so you can focus on the areas of your business that matter most.

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Set Up v2

Set Up in Minutes

Ensure your tax rate is properly set up in your POS.

Then, simply enter your email, phone number, bank account and tax information and DAVO will start automating your sales tax.

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Dashboard v2

Easy To Use Dashboard

Once DAVO is set up, your sales tax is on autopilot.

Quickly access your past sales tax filing records and make updates to your account in real time.

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Support v2

One-on-one Support

If you have any questions, Team DAVO will help.

Connect with Customer Success by phone, chat, or email in English and Spanish.

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