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International Bancard

In-store, online, and contactless, International Bancard makes payment acceptance easier than ever.

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Benefits You'll Enjoy

Low fees

Keep your business's processing fees low with wholesale rates

US-based support

Never feel alone with 24/7 customer service.

Omni-channel capabilities

Physical and digital solutions for in-person and online payment processing. Offer on-the-go options including mobile and NFC payments.


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International Bancard

Epos Now has parted with International Bancard, helping our customers do business better. You can process transactions faster than ever and reduce human error, and International Bancard offers a completely contactless checkout experience.

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Improve hygiene

Reduce touchpoints between your staff and customers with chip-and-pin devices and contactless card readers. Customers with Apple Pay and Google Wallet can pay directly from their smartphones.

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Speed up checkout

Eliminate long lines and improve customer service with fast processing. Cashiers will spend less counting change and more time helping shoppers.

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Accurate data collection

With integrated payments, you spend less time crunching numbers and more time running your business. All transactions are logged in your Epos Now system so you can quickly balance your cash drawer and reconcile card purchases.

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Improve security

All payment devices use PCI-compliant methods to securely transmit digital payments. As more people pay with digital options, you reduce the risk of accepting counterfeit bills.

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