Epos Now meets Pets Paradise: a happy pairing for pets and people

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Easy learning

The Pets Paradise team of staff, students, and volunteers all help trade on their easy-to-use Epos Now system.

Lightning support

Owner and manager Siven Cook tells us since he joined Epos Now, any issues or queries he’s had have been resolved inside 30 minutes.

Loyal customers

Pets Paradise use the Epos Now Loyalty app to give repeat customers redeemable points on all purchases.

About Pets Paradise

Pets Paradise is a lively, loving pet shop in Norfolk, UK, offering pets, pet supplies, and the knowledge and guidance to care for animals.

Owner-manager Siven Cook prioritizes responsible trading by selling animal and environmentally-friendly products while offering jobs, experience, and his expertise to young and disabled members of his adoring Fakenham community. He’s done it all since opening in 2021 with the help of his trusty Epos Now point-of-sale (POS) system!

Paradise fuelled by passion (and POS!)

Sometimes, an industry and an entrepreneur come together so naturally they can’t help but flourish! In the few years since Siven put his savings into opening Pets Paradise in 2021, that’s exactly what’s happened:

“It's grown day by day, our traditional pet shop. We have small furry animals, we've got reptiles, we've got birds. But we’re also a bit of a community hub; we’re not just about sales.” 

“We’re about building relationships, giving advice and guidance on how to care for animals, to show people where to research or where people to get further information from. We also deal with a lot of rehomes and rescue animals as well.”

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Finding Epos Now

When Siven began looking for his POS system, he had a good idea of what he wanted.

“I knew I was going to be on my own, so I wanted as much assistant technology to keep my workload down so I concentrate better on other areas. Epos Now was coming up on Google search. I had a little look: the price is incredible! You know, very, very competitive prices, and it looks really smart.”

But despite starting on a limited budget with a determined one-man team, Siven has always had one eye on the future:

"For me, it was the potential, that I could grow this ecosystem with my business, and that's the reason why I wanted it."
Siven Cook

Making life easier for people and their pets

Pets Paradise is a colorful place to work and visit thanks to the range of animals and supplies it stocks. But that makes learning to use a point of sale system all the more important to keep everything working together.

“It’s been a lifesaver! It was very, very easy. Once I was shown, and once I was walked through it, it was a very simple process, and for the staff as well because you literally follow it as you go. 

“It’s so useful having these multi-functions. Like having buttons on the screen for things that haven't got barcodes, which makes it really nice and simple. Then being able to have the back office on the laptop as well is really, really handy. When deliveries come in. We get them to edit stock levels and the staff don't have to worry about it! So that's quite handy as well.”

"Once you've built the blocks, where the suppliers come, repeat orders, minimum and maximum stock levels, and you know what you need to order, it’s fantastic! It’s so quick to edit."
Siven Cook
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Building caring relationships with loyalty programmes

The Epos Now AppStore has dozens of extras that provide more to businesses, and Pets Paradise happily take advantage! Our apps and integrations all work towards adding to the customer experience and speedy transactions, which Pets Paradise has perfected with help from Epos Now Payments.

“Having the till scanning cards and the items made life easier because you obviously need to get the balance right between quality customer service and not keeping people waiting.”

“The payments are very smooth, too. I’ve never had any problems. It all comes through perfectly every time.”

"We access Epos Now Loyalty, and that’s really handy. We've been able to retain a lot of customers from it because once you start building those loyalty points up, people start coming back. It’s a win-win."
Siven Cook
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Speed, simplicity, and stylish sales

Epos Now’s POS software is designed to bring its users the most sophisticated technology in the most straightforward way.

“For me, not having to type data in and remember it has been great, especially when there’s a price change. It’s just on there, with one label to print. The color coding is really good as well. We’ve set it up as blue for the fish, green for the reptiles. It makes the sales process so quick!”

Pets Paradise Turtle

A POS system that makes reporting a breeze

As Pets Paradise trades, their POS system automatically stores every bit of information and generates reports that Siven uses to make key business decisions:

“At the moment, my go-to report tends to be the stock levels report to keep an eye on cash flow. But I also check on what's selling, what's not selling, how long it's been out there, and stuff like that. That's a great idea because I might think that XY&Z products are amazing when actually, they're not. They’re not going through my till, still sitting there as deadstock because, actually, the consumer doesn't want it. So the reports give me a chance to review what I'm actually holding.”

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Supporting business success from start to finish

Even if a POS system does everything else right, a system that breaks down or gives you glitches costs you customers! But when we asked Siven about reliability and customer support, he was relaxed and full of confidence.

“Every time the issue is resolved instantly. If I can’t do it following the instructions, they’ll take control and show me how it’s done."

"I can’t say I’ve ever lost money or deals because of the till not working. And with any of the issues I’ve had, it’s half an hour, maximum, before it’s fixed."
Siven Cook
Pets Paradise Display

Expanding Pets Paradise

As Pets Paradise grows, Siven Cook is free to focus on how he wants to grow. Will he franchise? Purchase new sites himself? Push his online sales or expand his product lines? One thing he won’t have to worry about is his POS system!

“Would I recommend Epos Now? 100%. I talk about it, and I think there’s about another five in the town that have taken the system!”

Thanks, Siven! We’re glad to care for your business so you can help us care for our beloved pets the way they deserve!

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